Drawing tutorial in 5 steps/my drawing process

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asked Apr 10, 2020 in How-To by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,640 points)

This post is basically how I draw stuff and tips for some other artists, if I do anythin stupid feel free to correct or ask questions in the answers. 50% chance the pictures will come out sideways.


First off, get some music on. Music helps focus and can helps with any mood that is in the drawing, or just do a song or playlist you like. I did an Imagine Dragons playlist for this drawing.

Second, rough lineart. This is just getting on paper where everything is and it is fine if you make mistakes, you will probably erase a lot of it later, so draw light.

(What did I say about sideways?)

Third, more lineart. Make as many mistakes as you need to, it is perfectly fine to erase. Draw some more details and patterns.

3.5th step, Anythin you do not know how to draw, leave it for the last part of the lineart and feel free to use internet tutorials on how to draw it. For me, hands are hard and I usually do the face last too. I use https// for different tutorials and it is very helpful! And at the end of the lineart steps, go over any weak lines where you drew lightly and make them a little bolder.

3.9th step, if it seems like their could be something missing, or one part doesn't seem full, add something.4th step, I usually start coloring by drawing highlights and shades, that way I don't forget them when I am drawing the main colors. It looks weird.5th step, draw the main color. And done.

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answered Apr 10, 2020 by im kanye (373,560 points)
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i love it! and the coloring

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