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Heya y’all! Tonsa people have been doing this, so ima try to get y’all to know meee a little bit better!

1- I’m 12. I live in Texas, where it gets up to 115 degrees in the summer. Blah.

2- On a Furry Scale of 1 to 10, I’m off the charts. I am a furry, have been since I was very small. I just now realized it. This is not a phase, and also I’m getting a fursuit set to be finished around my birthday, and I plan to start a fursuit-making business.

3- I can be VERY clingy and sensitive, don’t hate, it’s just my personality.

4- Here on KT, I go by Coffee, CC, Nori, Lemony, or Lemi. I don’t share my real name because my ‘rents wouldn’t let me. I dont have a preferred name and will respond to them all, but preferably not CC unless you have already gotten my attention.

5- I have two dogs and love them to the MOON and BACK. And farther. One is an Australian Shepherd Mini, and one is a Cavachon. Their names are Bear and Lexi, and Lexi is MY dog.

6- I’m very musical, I play piano, ukulele, recorder, xylophone, and might attempt to learn dulcimer. I also love to sing.

7- I speak English, and can understand Spanish well, but am not the greatest at speaking it. I can also string basic sentences together in German and understand the bare bones, but have a hard time reading it.

8- I’m pretty much fully Mexican, my great grandmother lived in Mexico and that sounds like i’m one of those Americans who says ooh, I’m Mexican, but no. My whole family lives on the border and we still keep Mexican traditions.

9- My art style is Anime, more on the Moe style, and I draw furries A LOT.

10- I have a little bit of a stuffed animal obsession. Ok, not just a little bit. just on my bed right now i have 20. And more upstairs,and my whole trundle-bed full.

11- It’s probable I have ADHD, STILL NOT BEEN DIAGNOSED >:0 but whatever. I’m very emetophobic (scared of vomit) and even when a character on TV pukes I have to cover my eyes.

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answered Apr 12 by jellyfishlover (34,020 points)
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I’m also emetophobic. I either look away when I can tell somebody on tv is gonna barf, sometimes I plug my ears, too ( the noise also affects me ) I hate it when I can’t tell somebody is gonna barf, and I cringe.
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answered Jun 26 by Kid lol
Its 9:30 and there are fish e v e r y w h e r e
commented Jun 27 by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
o h n o
commented Jun 27 by Kid lol
S p a g e t o u
commented Jun 27 by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
P o t a t o e
commented Jun 28 by Kid lol
T o m a t o u
commented Jun 28 by Lemony The Bean (93,110 points)
g o l d f i s h i e s
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answered Jun 25 by JD2005
Cool dude :D
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answered Jun 24 by nyan_pug
:0 aaaahhhhh I want an Australian shepherd so badddd XD not trying to be greedy
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answered Apr 12 by human
Cool :)
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answered Apr 12 by KITTEN (617,610 points)

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