Lies Young Girls Believe ( Boys Don't stick your noses into this )

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asked Apr 15, 2020 in All Advisors by Hermionepuppy (5,860 points)

Alright now I know not everyone is a christian but I believe this post will help you.

Every day around the world girls are believing these lies...

​popular girls are worth more​

This lies makes girls try to be like someone else, BE YOURSELF

another lie is that It is okay to be boy crazy

now I've have passed through a certain stage of life where I have believed that lie it has come and gone but thanks to Lies Girls Believe by Dannah Gresh I don't any more

next is it is okay to sin 

That by far is the most important lie that you ( if you believe it ) squash this lie like a bug

And Girls and Boys aren't that different 

Yes they are God made 2 genders Male and Female and we are made in his image, God wade it so that  1 man and 1 woman will be joined in marrige . Some people will say today I'm a boy and the next I'm a girl that is not right I hope No I pray you will fall to what this world is bringing us too. Now Satan hates God and if we are made in God's image then he will try to destroy what God wants us to do. Because of this Gay exists and that is against the Bible and  if your a christian like me you should hate gay not the people who are but it itself.


Now this is not another lie girls believe what I'm about to tell you is pure truth....

God loves you.  So much that he was willing to die in our place on the cross and crusifiction  was a horrible way to die the bible says in Luke that in was pure agony for the person that was aspose to be you and me everyone but Jesus paid it all 

Like the old song now I encourage you to sit down with your mom, your dad, your local pastor, or in the answer box please ask me about  anything I just talked about or any questions you have I'm here to help.  Doubt me my dad and brother are pastors at Faith Church Lafayette Indiana OR buy Lies Girls Believe and find a true girl event near you


And remember God is there for you through this dark time I pray you would Pray the Prayer today and become my Sister in Christ I hope I see you in God's holy kingdom also please find a local Baptist Church near you heart    Any questions or Coments

commented Feb 1 by Cookie monster

AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay

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answered Apr 18, 2020 by Kitty111
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This is amazing. I agree with you all the way. Thank you so much for sticking up for Christians. heart God bless you all.

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answered Apr 20, 2020 by Jabber (26,770 points)
I don't really agree with the gay part, also it is fine to be both genders.
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answered Apr 16, 2020 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,720 points)
I get what you mean but... The gay bit... eh, I've heard it before, doesn't bother me too much. But nice post anyway.
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answered Apr 15, 2020 by im kanye (373,920 points)

very nice postheart

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