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asked Apr 17 in Non-Fiction by CoralSophie08 (21,980 points)

Have you ever loaded up google, searched for something, like, "How many types of socks exist," click on a site, and not find what you're looking for because of all the ads? I have. With some sites, even, there will only be 1 small paragraph, but it is impossible to find because of all the ads!! Well, I know companies are just wanting to get their product sold, I think the websites themselves should take charge. Even with kidzsearch, there are moving video ads that try to distract you. As I'm writing this, I see a lipstick ad for 'The Mature Woman"! 

Now, what if a 7-year-old is doing research for a school project, not knowing that the site he clicked on has some VERY inappropriate ads for their age group. When people see moving ads, it immediately distracts them from what they're looking for. This is very inconvenient, especially if you are researching for a project that has a deadline, and get distracted by a video ad for a product you 'need.' 

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answered Apr 18 by kidzsearch (137,950 points)
selected Apr 18 by CoralSophie08
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We wanted to provide some feedback. We would need to close the entire company and website without ads. It costs $1000's per month just in server fees to support the traffic volume we receive. Development costs, editorial, etc., cost a lot too. We have explored other ways to support the site, like public donations, but that has not worked. We are actively working on other methods to generate revenue that do not depend on ads, like subscription services and online product sales. At some point we hope these will allow us to remove advertising. In general, online advertising alone does not pay well, so there are other motivating reasons for us to not use them. If you know anyone willing to cover our costs now we can remove all the ads.

Compared to other sites, we really do try to limit the number of ads shown and avoid ones that are too intrusive. Our ads are set to show contextual ones whenever possible, which means it should only relate to the page content. If no matching ads are available, it might relate to your general location. If you see an ad that is not appropriate, please contact us immediately, or just post the link on KidzTalk (we will not publish it, but can review it). You need to include the url of the ad so we can block them. We rarely get complaints about ads, but some bad ones occasionally sneak in despite our best efforts. We work with the latest technology (Google) plus many editors and site feedback to keep things as clean as possible.
commented Apr 18 by CoralSophie08 (21,980 points)
And I completely get that websites need ads to run. That’s fine, this was an opinionated essay. Maybe they just need to be a little calmer and not so up-in-your-face.
commented Apr 19 by JD2005
I understand. Okay, I will report as soon as I see such ads again.
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answered Apr 18 by JD2005
Well done on the essay!

I agree with you. Ads are necessary for free sites to run, but they are most of the time off-topic. For instance, I HAVE SEEN ADS featuring inappropriate banners ON KIDZTALK. When I see them, I just click off.

I went to the review section of the KS app on Play Store, and saw that many people have reported that they have seen those types of ads as well. Just think about it. It's a kids' site, KS shouldn't have shown these ads! If ads are really important for them, then they should show ads of educational stuff instead (like Brainly, Khan Academy etc.). I didn't expect this. This is not fair, KS. :(
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answered Apr 17 by Queeny (126,650 points)
I think you did a great job on your essay! But, I'll have to respectfully disagree with you. Ads are pretty much a necessity for websites, it helps them thrive on the internet. It takes quite a bit of money to make a good website of your own too, so ads help support website creators. I do think ads shouldn't be inappropriate if you know children are on your website, and I also do think ads should be kept to a minimum so that there not always in your face.
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answered Apr 17 by arkzo (424,180 points)
I am neutral on this topic. Website owners need ads to survive, but they should somewhat related to the topic of your website.
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answered Apr 17 by jellyfishlover (37,480 points)
I agree with you, totally! I hate ads, they’re so annoying!
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answered Apr 17 by kitten (638,310 points)
I completely disagree with you! I have a website, and I need ads to support my work! If there were no ads, there would be no websites.
commented Apr 17 by jellyfishlover (37,480 points)
Sometimes ads, distract, tho, you have to admit that!
commented Apr 17 by kitten (638,310 points)
well, if you wanna use a free service, you need ads. Oh boy, you might get a little distracted. Big deal. Would you rather pay $100 per year to use kidzsearch?
commented Apr 18 by jellyfishlover (37,480 points)
??....Kitten...take a breath...calm down, they’re just ads..
commented Apr 18 by CoralSophie08 (21,980 points)
I mean, I guess some ads are okay, like soft ones, so it doesn’t make you look at them. I totally get why websites need ads to run, this was an opinion essay.
commented Apr 19 by jellyfishlover (37,480 points)
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answered Apr 17 by forgxtten_chiLd (50,940 points)
I agree... especially when you’re getting ads that don’t even apply to you... great essay!
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answered Apr 17 by im kanye (372,910 points)
wow good job with your essay! I've clicked an ad on accident and got a virus before, my hand slipped.

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