Google Meets: Part 2 (WARNING: I might rant)

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asked Apr 28 in A Dose of Coral by CoralSophie08 (20,650 points)

Stupid self-esteem.

So, I'm doing some stuff on my computer while I'm in a google meet, and I come back to the tab and realize everyone has been chatting me. I look at the chats, and they all are YELLING at me to turn off my mic! I felt SOO bad that I had distracted everyone. I told them so. Then, my old friend who now hates me (and vice versa), has to go and say: "It's okay, everyone makes mistakes." ARGHH!!!

Of course, my self talk is already through the roof in anxiety and hatred towards myself when it comes to schoolwork, so this didn't help AT ALL.

This girl who said that, let's call her.. Anna. Anna and I used to be the best of friends. Then I started not wanting to hang out with her a lot. So I slowly started hanging out with her less. Then she has to go and say I need to hang out with her more. The next year (beginning of 5th grade) she goes and accuses one of my friends and I of bullying  her that past year!


Bad day. Ugh.

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answered Jun 15 by Frightingale (1,890 points)
So sorry
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answered Apr 29 by lunalovegoodmolly (310,740 points)
That sucks

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