Preview of possible Emily Grace continuation.

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The video starts with two girls on the screen. One girl with medium length black hair, a black and white hoodie patterned with heart-eyed skulls, jeans, and a scar going from above her left eyebrow to under her right eye. The other girl had long brown hair to her waist, dark brown eyes, wearing a green dress and a turquoise cat-eared headband. Behind them was a light purple wall with a poster saying "Flarf H8" on it and a blue and white polka dot chair.

Scarred Girl- Is this thing on?

Cat Girl- I think so, I see the little light.

Scarred Girl- Huh? Where?

Cat Girl- Right there, *points to camera*

Scarred Girl- Oh I see it, wait... Oh hello! Didn't see ya there, literally *laughs a small nervous laugh*

Cat Girl- *rolls her eyes.*

Scarred Girl- *looks at Cat Girl and mouths for her to shut it.*

Scarred Girl- Anyway, hello to everyone watching, and welcome to my vlog! I'm Emily I made this because one of my therapists recommended getting my thoughts down in a diary, and I'm too lazy to write, so I made this little vlog instead.

Cat Girl- And I'm Maya. *small wave*

Emily- Oh yeah, this is the random stalker that came into my house for some reason.

Maya- *hits Emily lightly and laughs*

Emily- *laughing too* Just kidding, she's my alien kidnapper who brought me to planet Vizi-

Maya- *hits her a little harder still laughing*

Emily- OK OK OK, *laughs*. This is my best friend, Maya.

Maya- *smiles sweetly*

Emily- Don't be fooled by that sweet smile, she'll tie you up in her basement.

Maya and Emily- *laughing*

Maya- *attempts to slap her gently but is laughing too much to land a hit* Shut up...

Emily- NUUU!!! NEVER!!! REEEEEE!!!!

Emily and Maya- *continue laughing until the laughter dies down, then they look at each other and break out in laughter again until it dies down again*

Emily- Anyway, just a starting video, if this does well hopefully there will be more to come! Like our video and if it gets 10 likes we will continue! Stay cool you internet nerds, Emily and Maya out!

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answered Apr 29, 2020 by forgxtten (52,490 points)
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great! I wanna read it!!

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