The Vlog of Emily Grace Chapter 1 [poll]

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asked May 7, 2020 in Fiction by LunaLight (133,340 points)

Video starts and a girl with a scar going from above her left eyebrow to under her right and medium-length black hair with red tips wearing a heart-eyed skull hoodie and jeans is standing in front of a light purple wall. Closer to the camera, there is a cluttered desk the camera appears to be setting on.

Emily- Hello people and any dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and/or birds that may be watching! I am Emily and the one hiding under the desk about to jump out is-

Maya- *jumps out from under the desk wearing a light blue dress and an orange jacket* And I'm Maya! *whispering to Emily* You ruined my entrance, you baka!

Emily- *whispering to Maya* I know. *turns back to the camera* Anyway, you guys gave us 10 likes on our last video to see if this is something we should do and now we must. Thanks y'all, and one other thing- Just to make sure you guys don't lose interest and we end up doing this for an empty audience, we want 7 likes on each video before another will be made. So if you want to see more, like this video *mumbles* I sound like a YouTuber... oh noooo... *goes back to talkng* and once there is 7 likes we will try to make another video ASAP. As long as there are 7 likes there should be a video about once a week if there are no complications or problems. With that out of the way... There isn't much more to talk about except- wait- no. Nope times nope to the power of no plus aw hel-

Maya- We could talk about the upcoming dance at school.

Emily- *groans* Fine. Isn't much to talk about, there is a dance. I am not interested in going nor have a date. Only way I would willingly go is for snacks.

Maya- Didn't you get assigned DJ as a job for the dance?

Emily- I said WILLINGLY go. The school is forcing me to come. Making me DJ though... bad decision... *looks evil* I'm gonna make their ears bleed with Black Sabbath and System of a Down at full volume... maybe some Disturbed...

Maya- You know they won't allow that, they would only allow you to play pop and house music probably.

Emily- *beep*!

Maya- EMILY! 

Emily- It's not like they haven't heard it before. But there goes anything good about the dance besides food. What job did you get stuck with?

Maya- I volunteered to help set it up so I didn't get a job.

Emily- Lucky. So you're just gonna be alone there while I am at the DJ booth? Or are you not going?

Maya- Actually... I have a date. 

Emily- Sorry, what was that?

Maya-  ... *inhales deeply and exhales deeply* I. Have. A date.

Emily- *curious* Really? And who is this date?

Maya- You don't know them. But you'll see.

Emily- *curiosity turns into skepticism* Uh-huh. Anyway. See you guys in the next video, make sure to press the like button to find out who Maya's imaginary date is!

Maya- They aren't imaginary!

Emily- BAIIIIII!!!

Video ends.

Hey guys! How did you like the first official chapter of The Vlog of Emily Grace? Please like the chapter for me to continue! Also this obviously takes place where the coronavirus does not exist since they still have school. Also, should I keep the title this way or change it back to Story instead of Vlog and say Book 2 instead? Vote on the poll!

Keep it as The Vlog of Emily Grace (5 votes, 83%)
Change it back to The Story of Emily Grace (1 vote, 17%)
I don't care and this is a useless option. (0 votes)
I have a suggestion! (If you want to tell me your suggestion comment below and I will consider it) (0 votes)

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answered May 9, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (123,010 points)
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it’s really good! I’ll definitely be following the story :)
commented May 9, 2020 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
Thanks! I really am trying to make this story good this time around writing it. I may have to do a poll soon about it though... we'll see.
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answered May 8, 2020 by lunalovegoodmolly (323,390 points)
I really liked this!
commented May 8, 2020 by LunaLight (133,340 points)

meowla Thank you!

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