Why i do not believe in God

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asked May 12 in Personal by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,370 points)

Before you read this, if I get anything that is basically "You're stupid for not believing in God" or something I will hide this post. Same if this starts turning into an argument. This is all my opinion, you do not have to believe it nor do I ask you to. Some people believe in different stuff than me and that is fine, i don't care, but no arguments. Thank you for reading this disclaimer.


There are a few reasons I do not believe in God. First, it seems very manmade, the idea of a religion, that there is someone who controls everything all the time, who created everything all on their own, it just doesnt seem right to me. And I know this is gonna get replies like "Well, if there was everything good than we wouldn't appreciate it because we wouldn't know what bad is" but there is a limit to that. I think of that part like a scale, on one side there is good and the other is bad, and when it is balanced, that is the way things should be, but instead some people get the scale tipped either against them or in their favor, and I do not think anyone deserves either but yet it still happens. And if there is a God, i just don't get why He would make a lot of things real. And if he did indeed create everything, he messed up big time with humans why is there stuff that is so bad to do? If He created everything He would have created that too wouldn't He? Another thing not necessarily part of this, how come it is a He? How come it couldn't be a She? lol

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answered May 12 by im kanye (372,140 points)
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I think how you see it is very reasonable. God is a person, not a human, a person. He feels anger, sadness, etc but much different to us humans. Though, His anger is different from our own. He doesn't create terrible things in hate to us, He loves us, but like a Father patience runs out. And like a Father, whatever we do, He will always love us.

Satan was once an Angel, but Satan wanted God's powers so God banished him to Hell. Satan is not the ruler of Hell, he is in it like every other person burning in the flames of Hell. To me, we are the ones who created evil, because even though the idea was laid out, we led ourselves to it. 

I get what you mean on religion feeling man made, because that's how I feel about other religions (though, I respect all religions, every since once of them other than Christianity seems so man-like, not from their "God" because it seems that their "God" does not have nature obeying them, and their "God" seems unclear or have no intentions.) 

Anyways, there is one lie by Satan and it is the most famous lie. I'm sure anyone has heard this before, "If God is real, why does he allow me to suffer?"

Away from that, us as people (human beings) have a consciousness that indeed tells us what is wrong and what is not. This was made in God's image, our minds for that matter. Ask yourself, why haven't you killed yet, what is stopping you from it? Why haven't you stole yet, what is stopping you from it? What is the point of holding yourself back from these things? Now, you may respond with, "I'll go to jail." But, if you have the chance to not get caught, would you still do it?

Well, I'm hoping your answer was no. Because you'd be weighed down by it, you'd feel this overwhelming feeling of darkness surround you. And maybe this little bit of laughter, not your own, it's a Demon's laugh. Because Demon's hate humans, they laugh at your sin, because behind your eyes and soul there is a demon lurking inside you, crawling deeper into your shell. 

But you have anger, right? Anger before even? But, this is a different anger, because this anger is your own. Anger at the demon's beautiful lies. You are a just a vessel to them, a puppet and nothing more. A vessel of a soldier, a weak soldier that had no hope in life but doing what they wanted (what they wanted was fake happiness, because they were blinded by the beauty of the rose that had thorns). So weak that it finds happiness in things that will last seconds, but will end in an eternity of pain. 

And the good? Heaven perhaps? Heaven was never found. Just a red, fiery pit of pain, depression and anger. Every little thing that this Earth posses of evil will be found there. Just as one. Think of it as the sun: a beautiful pit of fire that will burn you when you get their, but whilst on Earth as you look a far, it seems beautiful. Yet this "sun" does not give you light.

How do we know that Jesus was the son of God? Because God created nature, so nature is the only thing that truly obeys God. Jesus could heal the sick, walk on water, move mountains, raise the sea, he had it in his very hands. He could control these things to His wish. Because nature is the only thing that obeys our creator. Everything wind, every drop of rain was on God's command. Not our own, not as people. We are what destroyed humanity, not God. Us and the Devils. We destroyed the only creation God could have in his hands, that creation was our home. And even that we destroyed. 

Think of it as we led this pain to ourselves, and we were held responsible on judgment day for biting on the hand of our Father, our creator. Expecting nothing from it. 


That's how I see it, as a war between good & evil, Angels and devils. One side loves people, the other side fakes it's love only to blind them to turn their backs and reveal true hatred. Burning hatred, you could say. 

Anyways, nice views, good to see other views so here's mine :D 

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commented May 13 by Hermionepuppy (5,700 points)
See that is completely correct
commented May 13 by LunaLight (96,960 points)
I understand what you are saying. Although just two parts I have to comment on-

One, "like a father, whatever we do, he will always love us" ... I'm sorry, i know this is serious, but I cracked up at this, you have heard me talk about my dad right? XD

Two, "'if God is real, why does he allow me to suffer?'" When I think of this, like I said, there has to be some bad in the world to appreciate the good. I would say I have that scale just about even, though there are people who don't deserve it tipped in their favor nor do others deserve it turned against them but yet still do.
commented May 13 by im kanye (372,140 points)
well, ya know, a fatherly figure sort haha. And yes, I agree. We have to have bad in the world to appreciate good. I used to ask myself that question, still do, but I have to learn from that.
commented Jul 15 by I'm not a 6 year old
well God  doesn't mean to hurt people he is just testing u
commented Jul 15 by I'm not a 6 year old
so how did u know all this prove me ur right

no one understands please why did u right this
commented Jul 15 by op comment
I'm going to say this: Hate the world, do not love it as your brother, not as your father.
commented 12 hours ago by Lemony The Bean (102,430 points)
um what??? Wdym by that? Even if you are atheist, it doesn’t mean that you have to hate the word of God, and please don’t try to force your opinions on others. Sorry to barge in on this but... why?
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answered 12 hours ago by Hello kitty 2
Please take this down! God has gotten my family though some hard times. Can you keep this to yourself next time. I'm not trying to be rude.
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answered 17 hours ago by BlackgirlMagic (320 points)

how do u think u got into this world a gave birth to u angry_smile


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answered Jul 15 by nothing
I'm not arguing whatever they believe in is their choice it's realy not comfortable reading this but lesbian or whatever.... have U ever thought very deeply and thought why R we here why is space here why is earth here why is clouds there why did the chicken was a chicken.. how did we get a brain what will happen tomorrow or the other day after that and the other day I can still go further... I'm not arguing or fighting I don't want u to think but did u think before putting this post I'm not being rude or something just think why do we think why these thoughts come to us why how have u ever believed In magic if not just think how did the first person was born in earth who made the first one the first human.. huh did u think that did any one find what is beyond earth yes did anyone find what's the sun is I can go on 5he last question to u is do any human any living thing know what's outside the earth the atmosphere out to the space and even farther no who nows that no human knows that no one.... I'M Not saying this to trouble u but please I beg u don't put some thing like this this is way too far... and know u will think I am being Judy or rude or something but Im not even though I mean 5hat and u know what I believe in God... do u ever thought what will happen when we died no u didn't. or else u would never ever write this hole nonsense this whole..... things.... i dont care if u don't but please please put this out
commented Jul 15 by kni
I agree. It was hard to translate but I think if this was put in better words it would be very wise.
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answered May 20 by ausgirl0302
I had to steady myself before I answered because God has helped me through many tough times. But here's my answer...God isn't necessarily a being or a thing. He is a state of mind that many people believe in. I am surprised I figured this out because I am only 12 BUT you cannot just read it and think God is a person he created the earth and did all this amazing stuff. My religion teacher ( I go to a catholic school ) once said something really true... when we read the bible we don't ask 'did this happen?' we ask 'what does it mean?'. Everything written in the bible has a meaning that will eventually lead to making the world a happier place. No one is going to force you to believe in God or any of his teachings, BUT if you did then we would be one person closer to worldwide peace. This is because God's/Jesus' teachings have a message behind them that is shared throughout ALL the religions in the world. Some people just like praying to God as it makes them feel as though someone really does care. As I said, you don't have to believe in God himself (or like Ariana Grande said 'God is a Woman') but maybe give a try at reading the bible and think about the MEANINGS not the events.

Hope This Helped!
commented May 20 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (10,370 points)
Again, just my opinion. If I get a chance to I might read it.
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answered May 13 by Hermionepuppy (5,700 points)
Yes Religion seems manmade but if you don't believe in creation do you think we came from primates?? and yes I've asked myself why is God a boy And the bible never really tells us.  See some people do not believe and they begin to fall deeper and deeper into sin.  You seem like a nice person and my hope is that you would find that God Loves you so much that He was willing to DIE for you if that is not enough proof right there than you are truly lost.  But not to God he will always forgive you and take you in and I hope that one day you will call him ABBA FATHER aka daddy
commented May 16 by anonymous
I agree with u hemionepuppy
commented 15 hours ago by jellyfishlover (36,400 points)
Tbh, this sounds like ur trying to force religion. Like, how do u think ‘I’m falling deeper and deeper into sin’ and ‘I’m truly lost’ makes me feel? I honestly don’t believe in Him bc there is never any real proof that He exists.
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answered May 12 by KITTEN (623,970 points)
Hide this post. You know this is going to start a fight, so just don't be difficult and just hide it.
commented May 13 by LunaLight (96,960 points)
If it does start to turn into a fight, then I will hide it. For now while no one is fighting I will keep it up.
commented May 13 by KITTEN (623,970 points)

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