Canciones Voladoras Prologue (co-op with kittykat)

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this is written by me, and this is an og story. all the characters currently are owned by me. this is a co-op with @KittyKat and she will add her characters soon. sorry this beginning is boring, I have a tendency to make beginnings rather boring. so sorry it's short and it's just a character intro, but that made be important perhaps. this isn't my usual writing so possibly it blossom into something else as the story progresses. 


Canciones Voladoras


Heat covered the town, houses built up poorly, sectioned far amongst each other.

 It was voices covering each wind—the voices of the people in the town. They were sending each word to each other carried on. And in that very town was a boy, deep brown hair and a bare gleam on his face. It was quick to vanish, though. He was not near his own kind, however. Because there he sat—his back titled downwards, his eyes left on the dirt ground to his barely covered feet.

He was new to this country, and he had barely an eye for anyone in it. Having to work to learn was not his lick, nor did the school ever ponder his mind as a good thing. He grew restless the first round about. He had only to run his lean, long hands through his even more messy hair.

His sandals—barely holding onto his feet as he rattled them. Quickly enough his eyes narrowed to a small, stubby looking man with dark black hair and squinted eyes. His eyes were squinted because he ever so feared the sun (the sun had a thing for blinding people whenever they were in its presence.)

The boy, whose carried the name of Javier, had his own expectations of which words would fall out the man’s mouth. “Hombrecito, what are you doing just lying there? Back to work!” The man sneered, spit falling to the sandy ground. “Or, should I fire you? There are plenty of young men who know what true work is. Not a spoilt one like you.”

The man, nevertheless, did not seem completely serious on what he was announces. Javier could seem between his two small eyes that he was lying to himself. The did not phase Javier, who was not the ‘little man’ he had turned him to be. Standing tall, Javier’s calmness startled the smaller man. The two brown eyes had met, hands wandering over both their brown eyes now.

The man seemed outnumbered by one boy. Comically the boy had given a cold sneer. It was not unknown that the bitter elder was in dire need for service, and he would have taken anything that was handed to him. His flattened nose grew red, in face his whole face grew red from fury.

“Don’t flatter me with your rage sir,” Javier puffed, relaxed enough to talk through anything.

“And to think you must have anyone fawning you. My daughter doesn’t like your attitude either.”

The poor old man had no other combat, so he indeed just walked away from him with a growl. Back to scaling fish it seemed, whilst Javier relaxed until he felt like continuing the work himself.

Right by the town, which had held fishermen and women who had tried their hardest to please others had the end tail from people with rather cruel desires. That was the town after all. But Javier was the son of a rich man, and a woman who had worked to be considered worthy to herself.

All though it seemed there was no true class from his own home, just desperate people in his point of view. His only true enjoyable pass time was sitting himself in warm river water, calmly sorting himself out. It seemed the only way out of what seemed to be pure misery to Javier.

Birds were quick to sing a tune when Javier pounced to leave back to his house, which was nothing much, but bricks piled up on top of each other. It was barely finished. No polished doors, only that of scratchy wood. Even though it was new, Javier would expect for little worms to peak through and rot the house.

His father was not handling it either, but he held his patience (his patience was like sand, easy to slip through his fingers.) Yet, that was his current state of life. Nothing but the stench of fish filling his surroundings, and the sea by him falling over the land. The rain pouring with tears and the people pounding the ground. That was his life—his new kind. His own now.


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Eeee!!! Is SO good! I love all of the details!!
commented May 15 by im kanye (371,520 points)
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answered May 26 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)
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I love this so much!! Your an awesome writer Knight :)

On a side note, you’ll laugh but when I first saw the title I read “Calcetines Voldadores” and I was like whatttttt-
commented May 27 by im kanye (371,520 points)
Haha it's Spanish. Thank u.
commented May 27 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)
Yeah, I can read Spanish lol, that’s why I thought it said calcetines and I was like what, socks?
commented May 27 by im kanye (371,520 points)
Haha. that actually sounds aesthetic. Like, La historia de cómo perdí mis calcetines could be a good story name LOL
commented May 28 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)
LOL that would be pretty awesome~
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answered May 25 by CoralSophie08 (20,650 points)
I don't think it's boring at all! Very good writing!
commented May 25 by im kanye (371,520 points)
thank u!
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answered May 24 by forgxtten_chiLd (47,700 points)
me wuvs it :3
commented May 24 by im kanye (371,520 points)

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