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If anyone wants me to edit their photos or videos, sure, go ahead! But if you don't trust me, do it yourself! Here's how to edit:


1. The easiest video editor is Wevideo, download Wevideo on your phone, or just go to the website on your computer and click log in, then click create account.

2. Choose your theme, just go to the top and look at the themes, then just click it! 

3.Open your camera and create short clips for your video. Go to My Media on Wevideo and click import. Do this every time you make a clip. 

4. If you want to add backgrounds, just click backgrounds, and put the background on the Video 2 strip. Note: You can only use backgrounds with a blue or green screen behind you

5. If you want to add text just click text, there are many text items, if you want the text to come directly on the screen with no text background behind it put the text on the Video 2 strip. 

6. If you want to add stock media, like a stormy video, or a picture of a baby just click Stock Media, on the right, you'll see a triangle, then click the triangle and if you want to search for just audio, just video, or just pictures click one of them. 

7. For music just click audio, you can also search for audio.

8. If you want to add a track, click the plus sign on the right, choose if you want an audio or video track. 

9. When you are done click done, you can change your theme if you want, by clicking themes. Remember that these are different themes then the one you chose in the beginning. If you don't want your video to be public then click dashboard and when they ask you "do you want to leave". Click Save and Exit, if you want your video to be public and you click done, choose your screen image, and if you want HD or SD.

10. If you go to your projects, click the video you made then click download, if you want to download your video.

11. Share your video

12. Post your video on YouTube or Vimeo


1. The easiest photo editor is Snapseed, download Snapseed on your computer or phone

2. Take a photo.

3. Click Open and upload your photo

4. Choose a theme for your photo

5. Click the pen

6. Click crop to crop

7. Click brush to brush

8. Click text to add text, when you add text click color to change your text color

9. Download your photo by clicking the download sign

10. Share your photo with others

Here are your easy steps, you can also make a post on KidzNet or KidzTalk and upload the image or video  the title should have my name on it so I can know. You can also message me on KN and send the image link or the video link, so I can edit it. DO NOT SHOW YOUR FACE IN THE PHOTO OR VIDEO! (According to KidzSearch policy)


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I recommend (download it onto a computer) for editing photos, Photos (Windows 10 and Windows Phone only!) for making adjustments to photos and Movie Maker 10 (on the Microsoft Store) for editing and creating videos.

There is a pro version of Movie Maker 10 that costs money but there is also a free version which doesn't cost money (it doesn't have all of the features compared to the pro version).

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answered May 16, 2020 by C.Clay (23,390 points)
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I used Wevideo at school and i loved it
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Kinemaster and powerdirector are good too. And if you want to edit videos without watermark for free, youcut would be a great option.
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answered May 16, 2020 by im kanye (374,680 points)
thanks a lot!!

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