i dont know what to do with the bullys because i tell an adult but then they never belive me?

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asked Nov 3, 2015 in Personal by mellisa gerrard
related to an answer for: Bullying
commented Nov 8, 2015 by purple123pony (670 points)
the parents always need to be around you and see what is goinig on between you and the bully or bullys

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answered Sep 21, 2018 by LunaLight (90,070 points)
i know what you are going through do not fight you will get in trouble and make it so much worse try avoiding them or finding proof and showing it to the adult in charge IT WILL BE OK
commented Sep 5, 2019 by Kitten (562,900 points)

Wise words
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answered Aug 23, 2017 by anonymous
Get someone who saw the thing happen and ask them to tell the teacher.
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answered May 25, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)
I fight. :/
commented Sep 5, 2019 by Kitten (562,900 points)

No, that is wrong. The bible says that you will be sinning. Two wrongs does not make a right shrug

commented Sep 6, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)
Not if it's in self defense. If I was attacked, I would protect myself.
commented Sep 6, 2019 by Kitten (562,900 points)

That is different than when you said

I fight. :/

commented Sep 6, 2019 by Kitten (562,900 points)
But okay. I will respect your choice.
commented Sep 6, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)
That was 3 years ago, Kitten. :) I have changed since then. My dad and mum got me into karate so I could defend myself. I am pleased to say I am quite a high rank XD
commented Sep 6, 2019 by Kitten (562,900 points)
Cool! okay :D
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answered May 25, 2017 by A person
I sort of agree with fight back. ONLY IF THEY THREW THE FIRST PUNCH. if they are hurting you HURT THEM BACK. If you get in trouble you can say I had to protect myself. Also tell your parents.
commented Sep 5, 2019 by Kitten (562,900 points)

no. You tell an adult evil

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answered Oct 4, 2016 by spy kid 567
stand your ground fight back
commented Oct 4, 2016 by Cow Boy (32,410 points)
i agree
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answered Oct 3, 2016 by -Moonlight- (63,780 points)
I agree with Rae
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answered Oct 3, 2016 by Cow Boy (32,410 points)
I usually fight it out.

Make some friends who will help you out with bullies
commented Sep 25, 2018 by LunaLight (90,070 points)
i agree with the SECOND part that cow boy said read my post titled READ THIS NOW or READ NOW it is on what to do if you are bullied if it helps you can like or answer me
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answered Nov 23, 2015 by rae (86,620 points)

Well, if I were in the situation, I'd go big talk, if that didn't work, I'd throw a clean punch, headed straight for the gut. But, usually all they really need is to be stood up to. If everyone gets picked on by them, and never stand up for themselves, then all the bullies need is a taste if their own medicine. 

commented May 26, 2017 by L (75,740 points)
DON'T PUNCH THEM, unlike what this post suggests.
commented Aug 23, 2017 by anonymous
If you punch them nobody will believe you.
commented Sep 5, 2019 by Kitten (562,900 points)
wise words.I agree
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answered Nov 3, 2015 by rae (86,620 points)
why do they not believe u

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