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asked May 23 in General Arts/Crafts by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)

Heya Y’all, s’me, Lemony!

I’ve seen lotsa people do art contests, and I decided I wanted to do one, but with a little spin on it!

You can draw one of my OC’s!

Lemony- Furry OC, fox hybrid original species, couldn’t find a good pic of her body but i’m sure there’s a ref sheet post somewhere

Jasper- Feral Furry OC, Taiyaki-Cat. 

Alliebeth/Stephen- Human OC, somewhere around 15 years old, they’re a couple and you can choose if ya wanna draw one or the other or both

Me! - not an OC but draw me how you think I look! I have darkish brown hair that goes a little past my armpits, dark brown eyes, a roundish face, and wear t-shirts jeans, I never wear dresses but you can take artistic liberty and draw one if you want.

Okay I found a photo of Lemony, but there are some edits- her tail is basically a blob of whip cream, she has a nose, her ears stick up, like the picture on the top. Basically just combine the two pics and you get Lemony.

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answered May 24 by forgxtten_chiLd (47,700 points)
UwU ima join! when’s the due date?
commented May 24 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)
hmmm... I think end of June, sound good?
commented May 25 by forgxtten_chiLd (47,700 points)
that's good! I’ll start working :D
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answered May 24 by human
I’ll do it!
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answered May 23 by lunalovegoodmolly (310,740 points)
I ma do this
commented May 24 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)

>u< forgot to mention the prize is a drawing request/shoutout on my bio if i ever get KN
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answered May 23 by im kanye (371,520 points)
awww cute :3
commented May 24 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)

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