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Is god really sending messages in our dna

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asked Nov 5, 2015 in Science by rasta719 (8,060 points)
I keep on watching videos what says Harvard discovered that god is sending messages in our dna. I want to see if that is true or not . Please help.

3 Answers

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answered Nov 9, 2015 by whizkid (65,270 points)
I read it was just a hoax and not true.
commented Nov 16, 2015 by rae (86,870 points)
This is not a joke.

God can be sending signals through our DNA.

Why'd you think this was a hoax

We have our own beliefs that you cannot change, anyway.
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answered Nov 18, 2016 by SparkleyIceFawn!
OMG! It is most certainly true!!! God loves us and wants us to know he is real!!! Think about it: trees, our bodies,cells ,the ampnosphere.... all very complicated and amazing! could THAT happen by CHANCE!? It is so cool that an awesome God loves us and takes care of us!
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answered Nov 20, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (115,800 points)
It is my opinion that it is not true, like Whizkid. I am expecting to get some disrespectful/irritable commentary. Prove me wrong, I dare you.
commented Nov 21, 2016 by rae (86,870 points)
What sort of messages?
commented Nov 21, 2016 by L (75,500 points)

You're brave. (I was talking to heartGryffindor Galheart

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