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asked May 29, 2020 in KidzSearch Tech Support by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

After your done with KidzSearch, I have a few suggestions. 

1. KidzSearch Classroom:

It would be cool if there was a website on KS where teachers could create an online class, and give his/her students the code, then the teachers could create assignments with links and stuff. Kind of like Google Classroom or ITunes U.

KidzSearch Library:

An app or website where kids could rate, and gives links the ebook would be perfect!


Only kids, parents, and teachers can create an account, with parent email verification if they are kids.  They can email others and forward emails (with permission) and reply to them and they must type the address in the address field. like in Gmail. Fun stickers, videos, pictures, and other things like in KidzTalk would also be fun. I thought messaging others would be kinda weird because first of all, KidzSearch is a web browser messaging doesn't fit into that kind of stuff and second, there's already a KidzNet one!

KidzTube TV (Front Page)

I know there is already a KidzTube TV but it would drag more attention if you put it on the main search engine. 

KidzTube Music (Front Page) 

Same thing above but for KidzTube Music.

KidzNet Suggestions:

Like Facebook, when you like a post you can choose reactions for exited, angry, happy, cute, sad etc. and view how many people chose each reaction. That would be cool.

Also setting up live chats would be even better. Someone could host one, there could also be group chats. 

Photos, videos, and links on KidzNet mail would be better. But obviously no personal pictures without parental permission. There should also be a "parental approvement" rule because KS can't see private messages and who knows what might happen without parent seeing their kids messages to others. 





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answered May 31, 2020 by kidzsearch (168,220 points)
Thanks for the great suggestions. A lot of them are actually in development now. For example, we will be updating our app soon to allow teachers to communicate with individual students. A free digital library is also being planned.
commented Jun 1, 2020 by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

Wow, cool!

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answered May 30, 2020 by Pumpkin (761,700 points)
Yeah, there pretty good ideas. Btw there is already a kidzsearch teacher zone
commented May 30, 2020 by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)
I know that, Kitten. But students can't do assignments on Teacher Zone.
commented May 30, 2020 by Pumpkin (761,700 points)
I know, but a "kidzsearch classroom" isn't their priority right now. It would cost millions of dollars.
commented May 31, 2020 by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

Oh yeah, I think your right. 

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