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how kids can be social with others during quarantine:



1. Google Classroom: Ask your teacher to create a Google Classroom account. That way teachers can post assignments send emails, tests, comments on the stream, and links to live class meetings for example Google Meet. You need your class code to join.


 2. Google Meet: Google Meet is a student friendly live meeting app. Your 

 teachers  can send links by Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Google Classroom


3.Edemo: On edemo you can join different classes and your teacher can post assignments!



1.Facebook Messenger Kids: You can ask your parents to give you a Messenger Kids account if your parent has Facebook They can download the app on your tablet then manage your account on their phone. You can video chat, message, create groups and group chats, send funny stickers and funny photos, play games with your friends and family, put on filters during video calls, send drawings, group call, video chat with a group and more! Tell your parent who you want to add. Your parent can add your friends if they have a Messenger Kids account but if they don’t, they can tell your friend’s mom/dad on Facebook to create an account for them unless their parents don’t have Facebook.  When your account is made you can also talk to your parents and your parents can add adults that you can talk to, like grandparents, aunts, and uncles if they have Facebook. Add as many friends and family that you want! Call, video chat, or message them anytime! If someone is being mean to you then your parent can report them. Messenger Kids also blocks hackers.


2. JusTalk Kids: On JusTalk Kids your parents can create an account for you. You can talk to adults and kids on JusTalk or JustTalk Kids. You can message, call, video chat, group call, video chat with groups, play with filters on video calls and more! Ask your parent if you want this

Social Medias for kids:

1.  Kidznet: Kidznet is a social network created by Kidzsearch which is a search engine. When you create a Kidznet account you have to type your parent’s email address. If your parent accepts your request to Kidznet then you can join! On Kidznet you can post photos, youtube or venmo videos, share posts, like posts, comment, like comments and more! On Kidznet you are not allowed to share private information including photos of yourself. You can privately message someone on Kidznet too! You can create groups and add a title. You can also invite your friends on Kidznet by typing their or their parents email address. You can even make requests to people on Kidznet. You get notifications like if someone liked your post on Kidznet. Your parent gets an email for every notification. You can make requests to different groups too.


2. GromSocial: On GromSocial you can create as many posts as you want just like Instagram!


Emails for Kids

1.Kids Email: On kids email you can easily email others. Only your friends, teachers and other people you have given permission can email you. You can get silly with their themes!

2.ZillaMail: Use ZillaMail to contact family and friends!

3.TocoMail: Use Tocomail to contact Google Users, like your parents. You can also contact your friends on TocoMail.


Video Sharing Apps:

1.Kidztube: On Kidztube you can watch,comment,like,unlike,or share safe videos for kids! You can also upload a video but according to the rules the videos can not have your personal info like your face in them. You can also paste a link to a youtube video, which will then upload on Kidztube. Create an account if you want to try it out. 

2.Netflix Party: Chat with friends while watching Netflix!

3.Wevideo: Wevideo is a safe family family video network like youtube. You can create,edit and share videos. You can also view safe videos and use Wevideo for school uses.

4.Youtube Kids: Youtube Kids is not really a social media like youtube, but this video app developed by Google’s Youtube has kids videos that were originally on  Youtube. Subscribe to different channels to learn more about them. Your parents can create an account for you by their Google account.



1.Common Sense Media: On Common Sense Media you can check info about different movies, tv shows, apps, websites, books, music and more. You can see the reviews and comments for each title. If you create an account different media titles will pop out according to your age. You can also rate different titles and comments. 


2. DOGO Media: On DOGO Media you can read different news articles for your age. You can also friend others and comment to the news articles, there’s more! You can even share movies and books! When you share a book you can put a link to buy the book so others can buy it, and put a link to the library catalog sorted by a person’s location. You can also rate the book or movie and others can comment to it. Create an account to join.




Q&As for Kids:

1.Kidztalk: On Kidztalk you can ask questions and surveys. You can also comment or answer other people’s Q&As. You don’t need an account to join Kidztalk. But if you do there is a much easier process. Kidztalk is made by Kidzsearch which is also a founder of Kidznet. Switch to Homework Help mode to ask for Homework Help.

Homework Help:

Kidzwiki: On Kidzwiki you can look at different articles for homework help, for every subject. You can also share different articles to others who need help with their homework, and like articles. If you create an account then you can create articles or edit them just like Wikipedia. Have fun learning!

2.Kidztalk Homework Help: Kidztalk Homework Help is a homework version of Kidztalk. Ask questions about your homework and easily get replies. You can also answer other questions about homework from other kids. 


Creative Coding:

1.Scratch: On Scratch kids can code projects, games, videos and more! You can share your projects too! You can also view, comment, like, and remix to people’s games and projects. The games are pretty fun! But you need an account to create, commen, remix, and like projects on scratch.


Video Games:

  1. Minecraft: Minecraft is available on tablet, phone, computer and even video game consoles like Xbox, Playstation, And Nintendo. You can chat with others and create houses in minecraft. You can also add friends, play with them, and seek survival of monsters and drowning in the game. You can stay creative! 

  2. Prodigy: Prodigy is kind of like Pokemon. In Prodigy you can battle creatures, seek for gold and riches, make friends and chat with others and more! But you have to go to school for that. Every time you battle a creature you have to do a math question and if you do you get gold! With that gold you can shop and share what you shop with your friends on Prodigy! 

  3. Kidzsearch Games: Kidzsearch Games is a gaming network where you can easily play games, share and like them. Download Kidzsearch or visit the website to explore.


Chat Rooms for Kids and More

  1. Kidzworld: On Kidzworld older kids from 9 to 17 can create groups and join chat rooms. Kidzworld also has blogs. You can create your own blog! On Kidzworld others can share media and invite their friends to chat rooms! 

  2. Kids Chat: Make new friends and chat with as many people as you want!


Age Limits:

1.Google Classroom 8-18 

(With Parental Guidance 8-18)

2.Google Meet 8-18 

(With Parental Guidance 8-18)

3.Edemo: 6-16 

(With Parental Guidance 5-18)

4.Messenger Kids 6-13 

(With Parental Guidance 4-13)

5.JusTalk Kids 6-13

(With Parental Guidance 4-13)

6.Kidznet 8-17 

(With Parental Guidance 7-17)

7.GromSocial 8-17

(With Parental Guidance 6-17)

8.Kids Email 7-11

(With Parental Guidance 5-11)

9.Kidztube 6-14

(With Parental Guidance 5-13)

10.Netflix Party 8-18 

(With Parental Guidance 5-18)

11. Common Sense Media 6-18 

(With Parental Guidance 5-18)

12. DOGO Media 6-17

(With Parental Guidance 6-17)

13.Kidztalk 9-17 

(With Parental Guidance 7-17)

14.Kidzwiki 7-17

(With Parental Guidance 6-17)

15.Scratch 8-17

(With Parental Guidance 7-17)

16.Minecraft 8-18 

(With Parental Guidance 6-18)

18.Prodigy 7-17

(With Parental Guidance 7-17)

19.Kidzworld 10-18

(With Parental Guidance 9-17)

20.Kids Chat: 9-17

(With Parental Guidance 8-17)


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