Jellyfishlover please see this!!!

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asked Jun 2 in A Dose of Coral by CoralSophie08 (20,650 points)
I haven’t posted on KT in FOREVER. Sorry about that.

Anyway, wanted to wish a VERY happy birthday to my BFF IRL Jellyfishlover! If any of you see her around, wish her a great birthday! Our town is still in quarantine, and I have to self quarantine since I was out of state, so I can’t be with her (6 feet away or anything, I mean). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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answered Jun 5 by jellyfishlover (34,190 points)
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answered Jun 4 by human
Happy birthday Jelly!
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answered Jun 3 by JD2005
Happy birthday Jelly! :D
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answered Jun 3 by Lemony The Bean (94,310 points)
OMG JELLY!!! Happy Bday! You’ve been my friend here on KS since day 1 and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I hope to one day, when we’re adults, meet you in real life. I love you, (no homo), and I feel like I’ve been through a lot with you, from your depression-stage to learning you have anxiety and your claustrophobia worsening, to realizing you are bi, and a furry. I know you only as a name on a screen, but I feel like I know you in person. If I ever left KT, you’d definitely be one of the ones i’d give my Email to.

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