How to play games on social media during quarantine

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asked Jun 3, 2020 in Technology by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

How to play games on social media:

Games while messaging and calling. If you don't have an app where you can play games online with each other or you don't know how to, you have come to the right place.

How to play games on imessage:

If you have imessage and you don't know how to play games on it, let me teach you

1. On your imessage options go to the App Store icon 

2. Go to the place where it says Game Pigeon and click it or download it.

3. If you don't see Game Pigeon. go to where it says imessage Games we Love and click one of them or download one. 

4. You can also go to your main App Store, and search imessage games, you might see something called GameBytes with a variety of games to play with your friends. 

5. If your friend shares a game with you, click it to download or play. 

6. Now you can play tons of games like Crazy 8, Bowling, Dots and Bots, Tic tac toe, Word play, 8 ball pool, basketball, Archery, Sea battle, Anagrams, Truth or Dare, Trivia Crack, Skee Ball, Cup Pong, Hangman, Rock paper sissors, Draw one, Go Fish, Memes against friends, Emojis against Humor, Quickles, Gold, Ladders and Snakes, Truth Truth Lie, Yatzy, and many other games with your friends!

How to play games on Messenger Kids: Messenger Kids is a great way for kids to be social and message, text and video call with drawings, play games while messaging and calling, send pictures, voice messages, videos, have masks on the screen while video calling, take pictures and videos with masks, have security and have your parent control everything, decorate and draw on photos and videos and send them, color coloring sheets and send them, send GIFS, animated stickers, emojis, and more!

How to message games on Messenger Kids:

First go to the Start Playing box or to the camera

Then click either 1 player or 2 player, on 1 player games you will have to play and send your friends your score, then they will get a notification to play the game that you played and compare the two scores. To play 2 player games, you have to go to the Start Playing box, then click a two player game, on two player games you can play a game like, tic tac toe, friend quiz, pictionary, and many other games, your score will be given to your friend, and if your friend plays, Messenger Kids will see who wins. 

How to play games while calling. Video call one of your friends, then go to the emoji icon, the first 5 options on the emoji (mask) list are games, click one of those games to play with your friend while calling. Remember games cannot be used on parents or Facebook people, since Messenger Kids can contact Facebook people, like your family, you won't be able to play games though. You can only call games on kids who have Messenger Kids, adults with Facebook can contact you from their Messenger. (Not Messenger Kids). 

JusTalk and JusTalk Kids: 

Video call or group call your friends, click the game icon and play! 

How to play games on Houseparty
How do I play games with friends in Houseparty? Click on the dice icon on the top right to Houseparty the games available on Houseparty Heads Up!, Trivia, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac! Tap a game  and you'll then be asked to add friends to play with you. Wait for them to connect, then it's game on!

How to play games on Facebook Messenger:

Go to a contact, on the options, click more and click games, while calling click games, then choose a game to play with your friend! 

Social gaming apps:

Uno online, play Uno online with your friends and follow them, create posts and more!

Social charades, play with friends!

Disney Club Penguin:

Play Disney animal games, create posts, message friends, and more! 

Easy peasy, imessage, houseparty, messenger,justalk, everything!






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