Black Live Matter

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asked Jun 3, 2020 in Debate by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

No more racism!! I made a KN post, this has to stop!

commented Nov 30, 2020 by Lilly
Why don’t people all just work together and be nice to each other the world would be a way better place

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answered Apr 18 by -GEMHeart- (292,680 points)
Ditto to I’m Kanye (that’s Knight btw).

It’s quite selective, and in reply to Floyd, he was drugged up and already arrested before, so the officers knew he wasn’t innocent; plus he tried to kill a pregnant woman, the way he died was wrong, and no one should do that, but he wasn’t free of all charges like he has been portrayed.

All Lives Matter, there should be no racism: but there should also be no looting or violence on part of this, as it defeats the purpose.
commented Apr 24 by 500 iq (230 points)

George Floyd never tried to kill a pregnant woman. "In 2009, Floyd pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and served five years, however, he was not charged with kidnapping or assault, as the post claims. According to Harris County court documents, Henriquez, a toddler, and another woman were home when the incident took place. Henriquez was injured during the robbery by another man, not Floyd. There is also no evidence that Henriquez was pregnant at the time of the case." It was an armed robbery that he already served in prison for. "While findings from Floyd's autopsy revealed 11 nanograms of fentanyl per milliliter of blood, medical experts called as prosecution witnesses agreed the amount of fentanyl was not enough to be considered fatal." This shows that although he had fentanyl in his body at the time of his death, it was not enough to kill him. He was innocent since he already served 5 years in prison a decade earlier. This case was also in Houston Texas, not Minneapolis Wisconsin so Derek Chauvin more than likely never encountered him before which means the officers couldn't have known about his criminal history, so the idea that the police knew that he has committed crimes is a leap in logic. There was even a doctor that explained to the jury during the Chauvin trials that the only way that George Floyd could have died was from the knee of Derek Chauvin crushing his windpipe and stopping him from getting oxygen, this is supported in the autopsy when they found that George Floyd died from, "asphyxiation from sustained pressure."George Floyd should have never been killed and the police had no right to kill him. Those that claim otherwise are going out of their way to avoid facing reality and accepting the fact that he is a victim of police brutality. He was not armed nor did he resist arrest, he only wanted to breathe.

Black Lives Matter. In order to end racism in the United States, we must first acknowledge that white people inherently benefit from being white whereas black people are punished for being black, this is a concept that a ton of people can't grasp or accept which is perpetuating the divide. Once everyone as a whole accepts this as truth we can move forward to improve the socioeconomic problems that cause black people to be worse off. ALM spreads a message, while BLM spreads a movement. ALM doesn't accomplish anything at all and only ends up ignoring racial problems. BLM brings these problems into public light and exposes the reasons for it which is why people are protesting in the name of BLM but no one protests in the name of ALM because there is no actual motivation for the cause. It is only used at counter-protests. ALM itself isn't racist, in fact, it could make for an anti-war slogan, but the people that use ALM are mainly racist and hide behind it by claiming, "all lives matter, not just black lives!" which is completely missing the point of BLM and causing more strife. 

commented Apr 24 by -GEMHeart- (292,680 points)
#1: I said he attempted to. Lol
commented May 4 by 500 iq (230 points)
He didn't even attempt to and she wasn't even pregnant so the argument you are making is not valid
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answered Apr 18 by Ammy-k (42,060 points)
I absolutely agree that favoring one race over another is terrible, and that every life matters.

However, I do not agree with how BLM has been handling their finances and their policies.

As for why racism exists, I suppose that all humans have insecurities and some people choose to deal with those insecurities by making others feel worse about themselves.

Those are my opinions, and I hope that made sense.
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answered Apr 17 by ~Ash~ (92,000 points)
Yeah, racism sucks. It’s completely useless and wrong.
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answered Apr 16 by kitten1617 (2,060 points)

I think that all Peoples life's matter. White and Black. 


White people and Black people are innosent! innocent


commented Apr 17 by LunaLight (133,620 points)
commented Apr 17 by ~Ash~ (92,000 points)
And in between!
commented Apr 17 by Ammy-k (42,060 points)

commented Apr 17 by kitten1617 (2,060 points)

thanks for correcting me. (:


I'm bad at spelling...LOL wondering

commented Apr 18 by Ammy-k (42,060 points)
I hope that didn’t sound too mean.
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answered Jan 13 by Cowboy Guy

EVERYBODY! SERIOUSLY! JUST STOP IT ALREADY! Now, before you get any opinion of me, let me say this: Trump is the worst thing that has happened to our country, and I'm not racist (unlike my grandparents...). But here's the problem with all of this: Do you guys remember way back then when that Minnesota Police Officer killed the man he had arrested by crushing his windpipe with his knee? Well, as many of you already know, that was beyond unnecessary, mostly because the guy was already cuffed and couldn't really go anywhere.

The problem was that it was only this particular incident that prompted the public to react. What about all of the other times when officers just killed people and then laughed about it as they were literally dying? Eh? The public got mad at this (understandably), but took the assumption that the officer was just racist. Why sure, this might be true, but this was happening to white-skinned people, s well as African-Americans. I just wish that people would have noticed it before that.

As for the rioting and looting, it is inappropriate, but I understand why they are doing it. Nobody will pay all that much attention to you if you're just standing there in a big crowd and holding signs. It's the burning down of buildings and the violence that people pay attention to. Of course, it still isn't right, but it makes a bit of sense.

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answered Nov 30, 2020 by Just a random Biden fan....
Yes I agree! I do not get why people just focus on the looting and rioting. Trump supporters are doing the same thing like protesting without mask and getting close together and bringing the virus back to their family which causes other people to be sick. Social media only focuses on the bad points of Blm and dont see how trump sends out people to make the protest not peaceful and pepper spray Minors fighting for their rights.
commented Dec 23, 2020 by LewieTheLamborghini (23,410 points)
Um, actually, social media focuses on bashing Trump.
commented Jan 4 by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)

I agree with your comment to my reply. I don’t believe that Trump was a good president, and this is just my opinion.

commented Apr 17 by Ammy-k (42,060 points)
Have you seen the news? The majority LOVES Biden and BLM and absolutely despises Trump.
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answered Jun 8, 2020 by im kanye (374,680 points)

I think blm is not a good movement and doesn't help the black community one bit. It's is a selective black lives matter, when I say selective I mean any black life that was killed by a cop or white (despite if that black man was good or not.) It seems to have taken a wicked turn so I will not take a blind eye with my support. I have no pity for the looters or protesters, even the "peaceful". So many black lives from the event lost and has not gained justice. Before you know it, in defense, these murders will be called peaceful murders. Stop looting and stop the nonsense, anyone who continues to do this (looks at my half sister) is part of the black community's problems. Many people blindly support this group and then act like they were standing for it for ages and know whats going on, when in reality their part of them problem in the problem. Anyone want to debate this? Lol 

commented Dec 23, 2020 by LewieTheLamborghini (23,410 points)
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answered Jun 4, 2020 by Pumpkin (761,700 points)
Yes, it has to stop. But the looting has to stop too.
commented Jun 5, 2020 by Crystal-Arianator (25,020 points)


commented Jun 7, 2020 by Kat
YES even though I’m white I will still stand up
commented Jun 7, 2020 by Pumpkin (761,700 points)
Of course, but no one should loot
commented Jun 9, 2020 by human
Actually, the looting is mostly non-protesters taking advantage of the situation. My dad told me that some white supremacists are looting and burning stuff to make it look like the protesters did it.
commented Jun 9, 2020 by Pumpkin (761,700 points)
I know.
commented Apr 16 by kitten1617 (2,060 points)
Me too!

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