GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(seriesly this is body talk... ten and up only)

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asked Jun 4, 2020 in Personal by curis kiten

plz tell me

1. when i get the period... does it hurt?

2. when i get hairy... why am i so hairy in some places?

3. when i get a curve... i think im getting a curve to early im 11!

4. when every emibrising part start move... when i run my butt, my thighs, and  my breast start going up and down (does that  happen to u?)


love u guys yay

commented Feb 5 by I love Cole Sprouse
Welcome to becoming a woman. Im twelve and dont have my. Period but  I know puberty SUCKS already. And to any guys reading, feel free to ne ashamed. We warned you.

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answered Mar 23 by AnimalCrossingFan

I'm looking at this and I'm nine! And lol ik this post is from long agooo
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answered Feb 5 by crazy_gamer
i have a curve and im 11, so dont worry. and yes, periods hurt, but if you cramp just put something warm on ur stomach area
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answered Sep 17, 2020 by artsywaterlily
Hey! I was going through the same thing earlier this year. Here is my answer:

1. Sometimes, you may get cramps when you are on your period. But most of the time, you feel normal. You may feel some mood swings and other emotional thoughts. Don't worry, it's normal!

2. You will get hairy in some places. Tell your mom or another trusted adult about these changes. If you want, ask them to teach you how to shave!

3. Im kinda getting a curve too, but it's normal since your body is changing in your tween/teen years.

4. OMG, this happens to me too. It feels very awkward, but no shame!

Hope this helps! Don't be afraid to ask your parents about it. :D
commented Oct 12, 2020 by #softballstar25
Yeah, I started when I was nine! It was absolutely TERRIBLE. I was mostly terrified because my mom and I hadn't had " The Talk " yet.
commented Oct 14, 2020 by ..
nine! i feel so sorry for u im 12 i havnt started is that normal...
commented Dec 13, 2020 by #softballstar25
Yeah! Its totally normal. Actually, your quite lucky. Lol
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answered Sep 16, 2020 by BlueYasQueenzUwU
1. You should usuallyget your period between 10-14 but don'tworry evryone is different.

2.its just part of puberty and yes you will get hairy in weird spots butits ok you canshave but dont feel pressuredfrom other people to shave

3.Its ok girls can get curvy at different times but its ok its never timed so dont worry

4. yea i can relate from past years just try to get a more snug bra like a sports bra or something and you can talk to your mom or your doctor or someoneyou trust about it its ok girlsfeel that way sometimes ( including me when i was younger) dont worry.
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answered Sep 16, 2020 by Cool B
There are books that u can read but sometimes it is not true ask your mom or polder sister for help. What I mean is someone u can trust. And that doesn’t always mean your friend
commented Oct 14, 2020 by pubertyproblems
i am the older sister what do i do
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by Princess pug
I'm 11and I all ready have mom said it's normal to start developing curves at this age and btw periods don't hurt .you only get cramps and sometimes they hurt but not much. And yes my thighs move and my but and especially my breasts.and I don't know why girls  get  hairy in some places .it's just a puberty thing!
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answered Jul 6, 2020 by MadHatter (520 points)
1. Your period shouldn't hurt. At least, mine doesn't! Only the cramps!

2. I don't know, I am really hairy in some places too. It is weird! But, you can shave if you want.

3. HUH! Just wear a bra! I am 11 too and the same thing is happening!

4. No, it doesn't. That is weird, have you asked your mom or doctor about it? I guess it is fine, but I don't know. Sorry!

Love ya too!
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answered Jun 16, 2020 by human
  1. You’ll probably get your period between ages 10-14. Usually the cramps do hurt but they won’t the first few times.
  2. You’ll get hairy on your legs, under your arms and in your private parts. Only shave if you want to, don’t feel pressured to shave by other girls or boys.
  3. I got my curves when I was 11 too. Everyone is different, you're an early bloomer.
  4. It happens to me too. Maybe wear a sports bra if it helps?
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answered Jun 15, 2020 by Gab
1 yes it does hurt it's called cramps but it's only 5 days a month

2 girls get hairy like guys but girls have to shave when it gets to hairy

3 curves are normal for girls wearing bras your size

4 work out and do excersize if you feel like you want them to go away
commented Oct 12, 2020 by #softballstar2for
1. Not for all people. Mine lasts for one or two weeks a month. Some people are in pain all the time until their body adapts to the hormones and .... just EVERYTHING when you start.

         ****All do respect****

             - #softballstar25
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answered Jun 5, 2020 by Hermionepuppy (5,930 points)
  1. It is just uncomfortable
  2. That's life there is going to be hair trust me.
  3. So that is likely people get puberty at different ages
  4. Yeah that's no fun

Now remember Dannah Gresh say " Your ability to create life is something to celebrate!"  Never wish you didn't have them they make you well you.

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