LLM's *cough* weekly *cough* Update (please read)

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asked Jun 13, 2020 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (313,150 points)
Hey, friends. I know my weekly blog post I promised isn't happening. Well I'm gonna actually try to do it. I'll make my calendar for the weekend to right a blog post for you guys. But don't expect to much of me. Lol. So this week's is just my updates for you all.

First and foremost, my 13 birthday is on Tuesday the 16 th!!! I'm so excited but at the same time not. I usually spend time with my friends which I can't do this year. I'll be all alone. It's very sad. I can't even go shopping. So I'll probably just end up hanging out at home with my dog and trying to get my parents to buy me new drawing softwafe. So yeah.

I have gotten into digital drawing these last weeks. I use a wacom bamboo tablet and firealpaca. But I want better software. If anyone has any suggestions for software on a computer please say. Queeny's articles is help me some too tho. So thank you.

I have been reading a lot because of quarantine. I'm in the middle of the First Trial of Apollo book and loving it. I also am reading the Selection series. I just finished Elite really late last night. I stayed up late to finish it. I would recommend it highly. If anyone has any books they have read or any books they want to read. Please answer with them. I'm thinking about making a KS Quarantine Reading List.

Molly is having some leg problems but is slowly getting better and can go for walks again. So yeah. But she is really put of shape. I can't get the link right now but on Molly's Website there is an album that is all of her baby pictures from years ago. Go check it out. You should be able to find the link in a different post or I'll post it later.

I think that's all. I have been feeling sad lately about my art not being what I want it to be. If anyone has any suggestions on forming anatomy and the structure of the human form. Like all the different ways it is built with basic shapes, please tell me.

Love you all! See you next week (hopefully)!

Ps please answer or comment. I rarely have people reply to these.

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answered Jun 13, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (118,570 points)
selected Jun 14, 2020 by lunalovegoodmolly
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For drawing, I suggest Ibis Paint X! It’s super simple to learn, and it has a nice line smoother that isn’t too overpowering. You can even make your own brushes, with the right know-how!
commented Dec 14, 2020 by ~Purple~ (28,450 points)
I agree! I use Ibis Paint X, it's free and easy to use.
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answered Dec 14, 2020 by RocketAlein

1. Wow! Happy Birthday! My birthday was in October. Here are some tips to make it more fun: 

1) Ask your parents to set up a Zoom call with friends or family (FaceTime works too!) 

2) Throw yourself a little party! Get out decorations and bake (or buy) yourself a cake!

3) Talk to your parents about having a “Post Birthday” party (If you are busy on your own birthday or people can’t join then.) 

2. I’ve been reading a lot too! I also get a weekly magazine as part of my subscription if you’re like the link you can comment and I’ll post the link.

3. Sorry about Molly. Wishing the best for her. Glad she can still go on walks though!

4. With art my best tip is if it can’t be done with artist loving it then make it abstract! Believe that you CAN make some art work you love! Most importantly, keep working at it! I started practicing every day, and I think I’ve had a lot of great improvement. 

LLM, I really like your updates so keep going with them!


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answered Dec 14, 2020 by ~Purple~ (28,450 points)
Happy early birthday!! I never remember birthdays, so...
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answered Dec 13, 2020 by WelshTerriersss (21,890 points)
This is random, but your birthday’s on my 6 month point lol
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answered Jun 14, 2020 by Queeny (128,980 points)
1. Happy early birthday!

2. For computer softwares krita works very well! I'll do a review on it soon. Firealpaca is good though, it's basically medibang but simpler.

3. You should totally make a quarantine reading list! I've been looking for new books, so having a list would be very helpful.

4. I saw them! Molly was a very cute puppy! I hope her leg is fully healed soon!

5. I had a book on human anatomy and how to draw figures somewhere, if I can find it I'll post a couple pages that are helpful!
commented Jun 14, 2020 by lunalovegoodmolly (313,150 points)
Thanks so much! It would also really help if you could even just tell me the title of the book so I could look for it.
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answered Jun 14, 2020 by JD2005
Happy early birthday!!! :D
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answered Jun 14, 2020 by anonymous
Sad that you cant spend time with freinds :/. If you mean the tablet to sync to something with a cable i have no suggestions but I use Ipadpro and apple pencil. It was quite expensive, at the local store we bought it at it was about 1400 EUROS for both devices and it was a really worth purchase. Drawing is soo smooth and it barely lags. but yea, pre HBD!

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