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Jenny stood straight and tall in front of the class. I can’t blow this, she thought. I worked on the family presentation for days! The students eyes pierced her. She tried to being herself to speak, but her voice cracked. Mrs. Reynolds stared at her. Silently, the old teacher spoke, “Any day now, Jennifer.” Jenny gulped before she started talking. 


The photo on the SmartBoard showed a woman in black lipstick and short white hair. “This is my mom. Her name is Lucy.” she said, pointing to the SmartBoard. She’s half Scottish, and she is a chef. We have a family restaurant. It’s called Lucy’s Meal’s.”


Mrs. Reynolds nodded and and changed the slide. A young boy with messy brown hair appeared on the screen. “This is my half-brother, Jay. My parents are divorced… so… here he is.” She looked at her peers. They were staring at her with sympathetic faces. 


As the screen changed, it revealed a man with blonde hair, whom was cleanly shaved. “My dad. I never really meet him that often. He lives in Ohio. My mom divorced him before I was born.” The screen changed again.


The picture of a woman with dark hair and dark eyes gave Jenny many butterflies in her stomach. “This is my— this is my—” 


The title read, “My Aunt.” but Jenny knew it wasn’t true. “Your aunt?” a kid in the audience guessed. 


Jenny stood silent for a while, then she corrected the kid and said, “My second mom.”


commented Jun 18 by anonymous
SO GOOD I would like a chapter 2 as well! I am curious to see what happens!

Thank you for a great story!

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answered Jun 18 by jellyfishlover (37,480 points)
OMG! What happens next?! Need to knoowww, plz do chapter 2!!!
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answered Jun 18 by human
THIS STORY IS SO WHOLESOME!!! I love it, please do a chapter 2!

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