your fav shoes

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asked Jun 23, 2020 in Fashion/Style by ausgirl0302s (1,870 points)

personally, i have been told i that I have a shoe obsession and since everyone I know hates talking to me about them I thought surely someone on here likes shoes and I was gonna share some of my favs with you.

my 5th fav pair of shoes are the Fila Disruptor ll's. they are SUPER comfy and look good whenever you wear them. don't call me vsco or basic I just love them.

Fila Disruptor Sneakers In White | ASOS

my 4th fav pair of shoes would probably be these ones. they don't have a name since they are customized but whatever XD
shoes, checkered, vans, yellow detailing, yellow, checkered shoes ...

my 3rd fav pair of shoes are my customized butterfly air forces. they're just so PRETTY (you can buy them off custom websites btw)
not selling anymore** custom butterfly af1!! PRICE... - Depopmy 2nd fav pair of shoes have to be the OG Travis Scott basketball shoes. they are just so cool. cant change meh mind
1 High OG Travis Scotts Basketball shoes Spiderman UNC Mens Homage ...

my have pair of shoes are these combat boots. nearly all of my other are sneakers but I found these cheap on kokopiece solo...
pastel pink lace-up platform combat boots


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answered Jan 14 by MC
I wear my steve maddens all the time
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answered Dec 1, 2020 by Izzy
I love all of them and I have the first pair!!!
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answered Jun 24, 2020 by human

Unpopular opinion - I don’t like regular girl sneakers, Filas and Air Forces and Vans and those types of shoes. 

I have two pairs of Converse that I love, one is pink and high-top, the other is aqua coloured and low-cut. I have a nice pair of black Birkenstock sandals as well. 

I really want a pair of Doc Martens but I can’t decide which ones and I’m poor ;-; (I know, they are the most bisexual shoes ever hehe)

commented Jun 25, 2020 by ausgirl0302s
Omg i love birkenstocks...i grew out of my last pair sadly TwT
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answered Jun 23, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (120,880 points)
My favorite shoes are Roxy Bayshores, ON track shoes, and Brooks Anthem 2’s. Just wondering, did you take those pics or find em on the internet?
commented Jun 25, 2020 by ausgirl0302s
Some of them i took but the others i found cuz photo quality sucks

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