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DISC: They are just beautiful to me, just my opinion and I'll be explaining why I think so. This is in no order, they are all pretty tehe 

here are some of pictures of, in my opinion, the most beautiful (woman) in the world. this is very biased, and just woman I find beautiful according to my standards. some are models, others just site models. 

1. Snow. The reason why I find this woman so beautiful is because of her cat-like eyes, it looks like she had a face lift but very natural. Her hair is red, which is so pretty, and her skin is like glass. She has really soft features for someone with a cat look, which is beautiful. For example, her lips are rosy pink and her nose is a perfect size for her face. Because of this photo, I had to stalk her Insta. She's a "new" model.

2. Doll. Personally, I think contrast really helped with this photo of her. With the white, snowy background against her harsh dark black wear and hair. And back to her face, her face like a porcelain doll. Small, with youthful features. Over all, I don't think she would look that well in another theme, like summer. Though she's still very beautiful either way, this photo really made her look like a doll. 

3. Sun. This picture makes her look like she was kissed by the sun on a freezing cold day. There's just some charm to her, like her hair color and eye (shape). Even face and bg makes everything look so beautiful. 

4. Most high demand girl in Japan, she's a famous half Japanese half white model. Like even I know her, and I don't know any of Asia's models. She has something to her, like a lazy eye. She looks really young and almost has a look to her that makes her look not even human, like a character. 

That's all I got, I don't really find much that pretty. I could name a few famous celebs that I find stunning, but personally I think they are dumb and that matters more than physical beauty thehe tomatoe


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answered Jul 13, 2020 by Miss. Doggy
These girls are really pretty but not you think it's strange that you are telling this to other people .it's just plain creepy!!!!
commented Jul 14, 2020 by knight
if you couldn't tell already, im a very creepy person

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