Art civillization chapter one:The look after

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asked Jul 17, 2020 in Creative Kidz Club by Shinning Lily
Anytime it is time it is time for art class,while I am being creative,my friends just keep looking into my my class I am the third best art maker .The first is my friend.we are both creative plus the second best art maker.we love helping out others like drawing,making...etc. It became too much we told them we didn't want to continue.They won't just listen they look into our work when we are not even looking.I was so annoyed.once the teacher caught them and ask them to stop they agreed.but they don't listen.Each time we tell the teacher,the teacher will shout at them or beat them they still won't and my friend got angry and shouted at them that we almost got caught shouting at other students.They finally agreed to stop.but have they really stopped find out in the next chapter of art civilization

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