Life Update: Medication, Mental Health, Texas Trip, Facts About Me, Etc.

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Welcome back to my page!! Trying to post more often.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. If you read the title (which I hope you did), you know that this is the biggest life update in the history of life updates. So let’s get to it! This is going to be a longggggg post.

So, Medication. Not the type of medication you would think of, like meds for strep throat or something, but these are for my anxiety. Before I left KT for a bit, I think I talked about me might getting medication for it. I did. But it doesn’t seem to be working very well.                      The first month went great! All of my depressive symptoms went away, and I was feeling great. Although my anxiety had not gone away, I felt like it wasn’t at the same intensity it was before. The second month went... okay. My depressive thoughts hadn’t made a return, but my anxiety was still there, and it hadn’t changed. This is about the point when the paranoia showed up.                     If you don’t know what paranoia is, it is the fear of someone watching you, and is pretty common. At first, it wasn’t that intense. I wasn’t noticing it all that much. Then, in the third month, it started getting very, very intense. I was terrified of getting in the shower. We have a shower curtain, so you can only see whatever is in the room by looking up where the rod is. Anyway, I started washing my hair in the sink and patting myself down with a washcloth. I went as far as to shower, but with the shower curtain open. I started getting panic attacks. One of my worst ones was 2 nights ago, and I could hear myself breathing very, very very hard. I felt there wasn’t enough oxygen. It was the suckiest experience I have ever had. And it is still going on, ugh.

So, my grandparents live in Texas (my family lives in New Mexico) and we are planning on flying out there on Saturday. We will spend two nights with my grandparents, and 3 nights in Galveston. I am terrified that one of us will get covid. I think you’ll know why.

Yay, the good part! I don’t have to talk about mental health anymore!! Here are some facts about me:

-My birthday is September 15th.

-I am pretty quiet about my age since a lot of people judge others by age (let me just say, almost everyone in my grade is either immature or thinks they are the best person in the entire world).

-I am an artist, and so are my grandparents (the ones in Texas).

-My best friend is JellyFishLover in real life.

-I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) (I lied, I talked about it).

-I dance ballet and am en pointe.

-I am learning to speak Italian.

-I have run out of facts.


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answered Jul 29 by Lemony The Bean (113,050 points)
Heyooo! I live in Texas! I hope your paranoia clears up, I used to get a lot of anxiety symptoms and be sad a lot  during the school year but since summer started it feels like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. If my focus problems in school worsen, I may have to go on meds for that, but for now I’m trying therapy :)
commented Aug 17 by cocokiwicat (210 points)
HI Lemony The Bean!   I was just wondering if you use KidzNet cause if you do i don't have like, any friends on it yet and i was wondering if you could be my friend on it!

And on KidzNet my name is cocokiwicat  !!!


  Thanks if you say yes!
commented Aug 17 by Lemony The Bean (113,050 points)
I’m so sorry, I don’t have an account yet but i have asked my parents and they said “soon”. I’d love to be your friend, though!

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