School Worries

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asked Aug 8, 2020 in Jelly's Advice by Lemony The Bean (121,300 points)
Hi, Jellyfishlover! I had a feeling maybe you could help me with this- and if you aren’t Jelly, feel free to answer, too!

Over quarantine, my worry problems have slowly disappeared, and I think this is partially due to the fact that I can have a stuffed animal in my lap all the time, I can have some quiet music playing in my headphones so i don’t get overstimulated, I can be chewing on some gum so i don’t chew my fingernails or hair, and I can rub on my phone case (it has a raised texture on the back). I won’t be able to do any of this during school, and I’m worried that it’ll be hard to deal. Do you have any tips for more discreet things I can do to focus, not overstimulate, and not be worried all the time during school?

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answered Aug 14, 2020 by forgxtten (51,210 points)
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-Keep fiDgEt tOyS in your desk (but don't let the teacher see them cuz then they’ll get taken away)

-Talk to your teacher about playing some soft music during the time that you’re working independently

-something peppermint-scented might help you focus but I haven’t tried it yet

-have a beanie boo keychain thingy in your desk, your pocket or on your pencil case so you can hold it when you need to

idk if these would work but I hope it helps :3
commented Aug 14, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (121,300 points)
I have fidget toys! They really help and the teachers know about my attentive issues so they understand, but most of my toys are kinda sticky and therefore due to the rona i can’t bring them and my other ones that aren’t sticky people like to steal >:0

Soft music would work like a charm i bet, I just don’t know how I’d play it :I

I’ve actually tried aromatherapy, I’ve heard it works wonders but it gives me a headache > ~ <

I’ll def try that last one! I used to obsessively collect them when I was little so I have a bunch!
commented Aug 15, 2020 by forgxtten (51,210 points)
ask the teachers if they have a speaker in the classroom or something to play music on it? idk but I had a teacher who would do that for us
commented Aug 15, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (121,300 points)
I think it would depend on the teacher, but I’ll have to ask :)
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answered Nov 14, 2020 by jellyfishlover (49,530 points)
Hey! Sorry it took me so long to answer, but I recommend fidgets! They rlly help with my ADHD!

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