Little-Known facts about me!

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asked Aug 10, 2020 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (121,180 points)
Heyo y’all! It’s me, Coffee Cake! Today Ima share some facts bout me that y’all probably didn’t know!

1- I’m originally from California, and go visit there every 3 years

2- I’m going pescatarian, the one thing I haven’t eliminated yet so orange chicken... so I’m pescatarian plus orange chicken XD There are many reasons for this, it’s more environmentally friendly, I don’t like red meat, I overall feel better, the list could go on...

3- I’m starting a small business selling stim toys, AKA stress toys or fidget toys, they go by many names but I’m starting out making scented (or unscented) mochi squishies, with special stories attached to help with specific mental and physical illnesses! I don’t know when the business will launch, still in the testing stage lol

4- I was an avid collector of rocks, beanie boos, and squinkies when I was younger. I now have an extensive collection of fidget toys!

5- I have never changed schools in my whole life! I’ve been at my school since I was 3, and I’ve always been the youngest in the class.

6- I scored in the top 1% I think? On the English section of the ACT, a test meant for seniors in high school. My dad makes a big deal of it, and I guess it kinda is a big deal...

7- I am in two large poetry anthologies, one for the oldest citywide poetry contest and one national, they were contests and the top people got in



Welp, that’s the end! I hope y’all got to know me better through this! Any questions, put ‘em in the comments!

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answered Aug 13, 2020 by forgxtten_chiLd (51,140 points)
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(My answers to your facts)

1- Cool! I live in cali but I’m originally from Texas

2- good for you! I wouldn’t be able to to that...

3- that sounds really exciting!

4- I collected pebbles from my backyard and now I collect bottle caps. my fidget spinners were broken/lost.

5- I’ve been at 4 different schools in my life (including homeschooling)

6- Wow. That’s great! I low-key wanna see what I would score on that now. Probably not the top 1% tho lol

7- Im only in the one for my local library, they had a contest 3 years ago or something and I won 1st place out of the 10 - 13 year olds (I was 10)
commented Aug 13, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (121,180 points)
That’s so cool! We’re actually opposites for the first one OwO I live in Texas but was born in Cali! and if i remember from a long time ago my middle name matches with one of your names :)
commented Jan 28 by anonymous
I visit Greece every year but not last summer cause the virus:(

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