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Type in the comments why you like it/don't like it!



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answered Aug 18, 2020 by l0st s0uth (6,610 points)

Why I don't like it? Many reasons that may differ from other answers. 

1. It's being used politically. 

2. Provokes unneeded fear. 

3. Less human interaction from strangers, in other words opportunities to engage in outside human contact. 

4. I, and many others, have to be put into online school. For me it's even more frustrating because this was finally my year to be put into a reg school for the first time. Now it's been crushed. Thanks, COVID.

5. Lastly, the upbringing of people who believe they are some type of hero just because they are wearing a mask to Walmart. 

Why I like it:

1. Well, masks have kind of been in style in East Asia for awhile now. From my own outside view, it looks edgy and stylish. Now it's normal for masks to be worn, and you won't get weird stares (in the West, that is.) Or maybe I'm the only person that would stare. Anyways. Still, I don't put the mask over my nose and mouth, only over my chin lol. Why would I do this? I mean, it basically becomes useless, right? Well, it's just to prevent a drop getting on your face. And plus, it covers up my double chin. Also looks cooler that way. 

2. Another one that ties with masks: you can conceal your identity. Why would I want to do that anyways? Well I dunno, maybe you a have an awkward encounter and you don't want that to be put on your face.


That's it, basically. 

commented Aug 18, 2020 by forgxtten (51,710 points)
I agree with all of those (especially 1 & 2 cuz California’s got stupid rules)

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