Don't hate me. I just want to share my opinion of Lgbtq.

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asked Sep 12, 2020 in Debate by Snickerdoodles
To start it off, I mean no offense to anyone. If you get your feelings hurt by opinions, and support gay pride, I ask you to leave. I don't want to hurt anyone.

I think it is wrong.

Or at least the Catholic church does. You see, Homosexuality is unnatural. God created Man and woman for eachother. If it didn't matter, God being infinate, could've made It work with 1 gender.

It is also not good for kids. Scientists actually found out growing up with 2 dad's or 2 moms is not as good for children as 1 of each.

Also, even if it God does not exist in what you beleive, it is still obvious that Man and woman were for eachother, so to body designes.

I do not agree that 1 should be punished for Homosexuality. I do not think it should be promoted though. Dedicating a month, MY BIRTH MONTH to homosexuals, and just a few days for soldiers who died is wrong.

If you really respect that all are equel, don't do a parade because you are different. That is saying your better in a way.

I also, do not like the flag. The rainbow was something God made, and was a symbol  made  to not flood earth again. If you really respect all, respect my religion.

I do not hate you, but what you are doing. Like stopping a child to play with a knife, because you love them.

Again, if you take offence, note I am only staying my beleif. Call me racist. Call me evil. Call me whatever. I will not move from my beleif. As for you beleif, believe it, but pls don't force it down my throaght.
commented 5 days ago by Cat lover (1,690 points)
I agree I am not  Catholic but I do believe in god

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answered Sep 12, 2020 by l0st s0uth (11,360 points)
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I agree, even if I am not Catholic myself. I believe in a homosexual sprint. I do not believe anyone is born with the mindly desire of the same gender as themselves. It is not only marked in our flesh that it is not right, but marked in our conscious.

Also, I have noticed something with community having genderless aliens. In my own personal experience included with other resources, this feeling is of not being human, or wanting to be more than what you are. It is to be different. It is to go against yourself - your beautiful conscious - and become one lives like no other. And how to do this? Labels. They know it's not true. That's why it's so easy to threaten this feeling of theirs. They know it's not real. It's marked in their conscious, the one they have failed to erase.

Once again, we share the same beliefs, and I am glad you do not fear :D
commented Sep 12, 2020 by Snicker Doodles
Thank you.

I was expecting a lot of hate. You made me feel good.
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answered Mar 10 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
I can understand some of your points. I have no problem with a majority of what you say. I agree there shouldn't be a month or parade and that there should be more than a few days for dead soldiers. As for the flag, it's rainbow to represent different things, though I can't remember them now. As for the parents, I could see where not having both gendered parents could be potentially stressful, just because they don't have views from both. That said, I feel like someone growing up with homosexual parents would also be extra enforced to treat people equally as well. That said, depends on your parents. Obviously, I do support homosexuality, though I'm not one to call people homophobic. As long as ya ain't killing/torturing homosexuals, you aren't homophobic. I can respect that you view it this way because of religion, that's fine, I can't change that so I will not argue.
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answered Mar 10 by anonymous
If Jesus died for your sins, surely LGBT people won’t go to hell?
commented Mar 11 by all the little things God loves
you have to accept him into your life, but he does not want anyone to go to Hell.
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answered Oct 7, 2020 by 500 iq
You guys are kinda dumb no cap. You shouldn't let religion be your only reason, it clouds your judgment. If you want to come up with your own unbias conclusion, you have to think of it from the perspective of the one you are criticizing. Think of it this way, have you ever decided that you were straight? The answer should be no, and if you said yes I don't believe you because you don't choose your own sexuality, it just comes naturally to you. So for you to call out the hypocrisy of homosexuality and the idea that gender is fluid, while not identifying your own in the religion that you believe in is just unfair. Homosexuality and transgenderism are definitely unnatural and something I will never understand, however, that doesn't mean it is wrong, it is just something you will never understand. Also, that's pretty selfish of you to whine about pride month being on your birthday. Pride month celebrates the freedom of homosexuality and transgender, not it itself. Like black history month, because both colored people and people with different sexualities are discriminated against and persecuted, something that is encouraged in YOUR religion. The goal of the months is to reduce and eventually eradicate the stigma against the two minorities. I respect that you are civil, however, from my point of view you are basing your ideas on opinion and faith rather than objective fact like you were raised from a home clouded in ignorance.
commented Oct 9, 2020 by anonymous
Because you started your counter argument with an insult I can't take much of what you say seriously. Several of your points are wrong but you try to word them as if they are absolute truth.

1) You ask if I chose my sexuality but then dismiss any answer I may have.

2)God can and does allow the disorder (because being LGTBQ+ is disordered / against nature) but that doesn't mean the disorder should be celebrated.

3)Saying that Pride Month is about freedom only is an opinion you are stating as fact.

4)The Catholic church has the most interracial marriages of any religion on earth and my family is one of them. Don't confuse the actions of some in the NAME of a religion with what the religion ACTUALLY TEACHES. That's lazy thinking.

We are all sinners that are trying to do better. Just because we are bad doesn't mean the entire church is bad. Truth is truth even if you don't believe it.

I mean no offense even though you insulted me. This is just what I believe.  My religion is a world view. If I didn't put that first every time I wouldn't be a good Christian.
commented Oct 9, 2020 by me
If you really want me to beleive what you think, try not to be rude about it man. That's not really gonna make me want to join what you beleive in.
commented Oct 9, 2020 by .
Coloreds ARE religious. Strange of you to believe that religion is of the white man. The blacks are 80% Christian, Hispanics mostly religious as well, same goes for many other ethnic groups. You judge the religious as well, which is your own hypocrisy. Homosexuality is the pleasure of adult actions, which is wrong. Drug use, fornication, all not good because it pleasures the flesh of the adult. All we think about is the pleasure of self but not how others tie into that. If you truly loved someone, you would warn them of their ways. You call the religious ignorant but you yourself lead the same path.
commented Oct 10, 2020 by me
Thank you. :)
commented Oct 13, 2020 by 500 iq
I did insult you and tiptoed the line between actual criticism and personal attacks, however, I'm right and you're wrong.

1) The reason I dismissed any answer you could've given is that it is a RHETORICAL question. The answer should be obvious, it should be no. I thought it would be obvious but it appears I overestimated your common sense.

2) While Homosexuality is unnatural, it isn't a disorder. By using the word Disorder, you make it seem like they have mental issues. Also, people don't celebrate/encourage LGBTQ. I've said this before, the point of Pride Month is to destigmatize the prejudice that people have for those in the LGBTQ. For example, transgenders, more than half of all transgenders who prefer to be called males, have reported that they have attempted suicide at least once in their life, and 29.9% of those who prefer to go by female have attempted suicide at least once in their life. And 41.8% percent of those who identify as non-binary have attempted suicide at least once in their life. These statistics are shocking. So the bias that you have that Pride month is about celebrating LGBTQ is downright false, it is about giving people a better understanding of what it means to be LGBTQ, but to also help those who are LGBTQ seek treatment and to feel comfortable being themselves.

3) If your opinion about this subject doesn't change after I gave you objective facts this time, then I would be proven right anyway in the argument of whether or not religion clouds judgment.

4) I was playing devil's advocate but my statement was still founded in truth. You are, however, right in this scenario that it was lazy thinking but you are missing the point. What I meant by that was to show that Christianity switches its morals/what is acceptable all the time in history based on societal norms. I know that sounds weird, but look at slavery. We can all agree that slavery is disgusting, but historically, people used religion, more specifically, Christianity to justify the cruel actions that come with it. I have no problem with religion, only with how it is used in a disgusting way, from sex trafficking to money laundering. My main message is to think critically Bruh, the KKK has killed and still kills black people, and they are extreme Christians. I know that you shouldn't confuse a certain extreme group's religious idealogy and the actual majority of the community faith, but what I'm saying is that religious people are a lot more likely to be closeted racists and homophobes than those that aren't religious.

It's possible to be a good Christian while also being a bad person. Your political views are borderline toxic. It's fine to not understand what it is like to be LGBTQ, in fact, I don't either, However, you have to keep an open mind and realize that the bible was written by a lot of people thousands of years ago. Politics have changed a lot. meaning that they are out of date. I don't want to turn this argument into whether or not the Bible is true, but if you want my stance on this subject, keep in mind that I'm an atheist and the argument itself is based on faith.
commented Nov 8, 2020 by SnickerDoodles
Well, since you were rude to me yet again, I don't even think I care to look at what you say.

And no. It's not that I have a loss of words and am not replying this because I am proven wrong.

I just don't think I can debate with a person who can't make an argument without insulting me.
commented Nov 18, 2020 by 500 iq (230 points)
How are you this shortsighted? If you can't take the insults and criticism then don't post your opinion online for anyone to criticize and make fun of you for having trash opinions. You are definitely at a loss for words when your only reply is about you getting too sad about what I said to give a counter-argument. Politics are a mix between civil conversations and personal attacks. It is what it is.
commented Dec 2, 2020 by SnickerDoodles
Sir, I am not offended or crying, I am just trying to be civil, and you can't do that. You are really just not worth my time if you are going to be like that. Even If I do have Trash opinions, you shouldn't be like that. So please leave me alone.
commented Jan 25 by .....?
I'm not trying to be rude but I don't think its nice to call homosexuality unnatural but I would like if you keep that to yourself because it can make people cry are sad and I don't want that to happen to people because its not nice if you say, I think its weird that people like boys are girls even if they are a boy are girl. so please don't say that next time thank you. and it can also make people think they don't belong in this world just like it made me fell.
commented Feb 8 by 500 iq (230 points)
commented Mar 11 by all the little things God loves
commented Apr 6 by Gaboy

Calm down,it's just an opinion.If you voice your opinion and can't respect someone else's-- People wil lose respect for you.Including me.I support it and I'm a christian.I may not be gay or lesbian,or neccesarily agree with it -- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't extend and express the same amount of love and kindness to an LGBTQ+ person. I mean,my best friend is Bi-sexual/Pan-sexual.Is she still my best friend? Yes.

We are all god's children with our own opinions.Respect them please.

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