KidzSearch, please ban Jane!

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asked Sep 14 in Ask KidzSearch by CuteMuffin
They are doing so many scams and all of KT is practically begging her to stop. Also, she is breaking the rules by putting in SO MUCH personal information. Please ban her! Kids, if you agree, just say comment “yes”. Thank you
commented Sep 17 by artsywaterlily (100 points)
Hey, Im new here. Who is Jane? Is that her username?
commented Sep 18 by CuteMuffin
Yea. She’s a scammer and an online bully. She makes mean comments about people’s weights.
commented Sep 22 by #LOL queen
who Is Jane idk her and what is she doing. is  all of this is true... WOW she is one naughty girl I bet she even lies in posts what did she post I want to check it out     AND YES KS should bann her block her id
commented 3 days ago by Cindylouwhat

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answered Sep 16 by Queeny (126,610 points)
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Yes, I cannot stand her spamming personal info. Even though I'm not on here often, seeing that just makes me want to check up here even less. She has been warned several times yet still does it, I think she should get her posts deleted at least.
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answered 4 days ago by kidzsearch (136,620 points)
Jane has not posted in a while and we are carefully monitoring her posts. If you see something you don't like, even though our editors approved it,  just flag it (requires having a registered account) and we will look at deleting them. If needed, we can block her account, but let's see if she can improve first.
commented 3 days ago by CuteMuffin
Thank you KS! That helps
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answered 4 days ago by carissy9
dear citizens on kidzsearch! this may sound mean and aweful but this might be the only way it might be that jane will leave we have to fight like men and for them self's   we have to tease the tease it means tease back the bully like mimic or if shes being mean u gotta be mean like a burnt bean !  i believe if we all work together we can make a plan to help jane leave ! forgive me for my manners-- carissy9
commented 3 days ago by Manu
Excuse me? Can’t we fight like WOMEN? or girls even? Why men? That is sexist. Please stop.
commented 1 day ago by anonymous
Yes I agree!!! Be Nice!
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answered 6 days ago by CuteMuffin
The thing is, guys, she doesn’t have an account actually(just realized) so KT can’t ban her. Hm.
commented 5 days ago by Lemony The Bean (107,510 points)
They can still block her IP address, though.
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answered Sep 23 by #LOL queen

yeah I checked out her posts and she gives mean comments on others posts too. WORST SHOWER EVER jawdropThat's personal info, MY DAD LIVES IN THE BATHROOM a-blank what is wrong with that kid  am I right. my mother choked, my mother bought, my mother's, my dad is moving, my cat, my toy, angry_smile    yeah you guys are right ks should ban her

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answered Sep 21 by anonymous
Yes!!! This is MUCH needed biz. I’ve seen her mean posts. I also don’t post often like Queeny said it ONLY makes me want to post LESS at this rate this might be my LAST comment/answer/post on here. Pls do something KS she makes up CRAZZY stories and tells personal info. KS do something or I think many of us will stop going here.

THANK YOU cute muffin for posting this!
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answered Sep 15 by Lemony The Bean (107,510 points)
yes, please. We’ve tried to be nice. But she spams and posts insensitive comments about people’s weight.
commented Sep 15 by Manu
Exactly! Please, KS?

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