I’m having friendship troubles, can someone help!

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asked Sep 16 in All Advisors by Rachel
My friend is being really annoying and I need advice on stopping it. Can someone help?

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answered Sep 19 by cactuspot12 (1,920 points)
Hmm, a lot of girls in my grade do that do with each other. If it's at school, I would tell a teacher, but if at home, tell your parent. You could try to ingore her as well, as that will usally work, but like you said in the comment below, she could be tired/grumpy or upset about something, and taking it out on you. Maybe ask her if something happened or if you mabe (i'm not accusing you at all for anything) did something that upset her. And like you said below, if she is making you feel bad about yourself, bring that up with her and tell her how you feel about what she is doing and how it is making you feel. And, also, sometimes friendships just need a little break. This happened once with my friend a coulpe of years ago, and after a little while, we were friends again. Make sure not to stress out about this too much though.


Hope this could help! :)
commented 1 day ago by Rachel
Thanks so much cactusspot12

Hat helped A LOT

From Rachel xxx
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answered Sep 17 by artsywaterlily
Hey! Sometimes, My friend gets kinda annoying too. Just tell your friend that he/she is stressing you out and annoying you, but in a nice way. You don't want to make it sound like you don't like them anymore. After that, you can talk about stuff you both love or enjoy doing! Hope this helps.
commented Sep 17 by Rachel
Thank you so much

You’re very helpful! I’ll try that!

Una xxx
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answered Sep 16 by Cool B
I am sorry what did she say or do?
commented Sep 17 by Una
She starts fights randomly and gives out to me for borrowing her stuff and doesn’t make me feel good about my self. The fights were worse as she forced me to do stuff( not that serious stuff though) but things I didn’t really want to do. I think she might just be a little bit grumpy or tired. I also sit beside her in school and that is when the fights happen! We’re moving places in a few months so I can’t wait till that happens! Is that enough information ?
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answered Sep 16 by Queeny (126,670 points)
What's she doing that bothers you?
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answered Sep 16 by Lemony The Bean (113,050 points)
How is she being annoying? I’d love to help, but I need more context.

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