Do y’all like Jojo Siwa?

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asked Sep 17, 2020 in Random Posts by Manu
I hate her and think she is so cheesy, she would be good as a pizza topping. Barf.

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answered Oct 9, 2020 by #softballstar25
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OMG! Same here. She thinks that she is cool by creating 4 year old music videos at age... What ?, 18, or 17. It is just strange to see such an older teen singing about high top shoes, and candy stores. LOL!
commented Nov 2, 2020 by Bella
It's not law she has human rights she can sing about candy and shoes if she wants

commented Nov 10, 2020 by anonymous

yeah I agree I thought she was real and nice but she is so cheeky and rude how pathetic I can't believe I liked her ughh wait maybe she hate being ms goody two shoes


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answered Mar 6 by ~Ash~ (64,510 points)
No, not at all. Too girly.
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answered Mar 6 by magicharrypottergal (15,610 points)
Btw y'all  shes a nice girl and wants to  be motivational!
commented Mar 6 by Greenie
... by selling makeup that gives kids cancer? By making inappropriate games for 6 year olds?
commented Mar 7 by magicharrypottergal (15,610 points)
I thought it was just a dancing lifestyle game?
commented Apr 6 by Black roses aka Nikki

she did not make that game the people who made it asked her if they could sell it, they did not even give her a chance to look at the game so that was not her fault! and that makeup was a mistake how do you test make up to see if its safe huh? if they would have tested it they would have got cancer ok? and she doesn't make her products hand made duh so the stuff in there was put in by the factory who makes that make up!  over 1 million of those jojo brand makeup kits were sold and you think she made them?  and what you guys are expecting her to be is perfect! and no one is! do you know how hard it is to be a musician, be a teen, and to be inspiring to younger kids??? its not easy and she is trying her best!         and if you think its easy then you try being a teen who is famous and has been since you were just a little kid, who is a musician, a romodal to kidz all over the globe, and while your at it imagin people making things that are not kid safe and then the people who buy it thinking its your fault when its really the people who made the items! yeah she might have choose her life but she is trying to follow her dream  and you guys keep judging her!                imagin you trying to follow your dream but people are stopping you, thats really hard how do I know that? Because this is basicly my life! ever since i was a girl i wanted to make music, when i turned 9 I made my music. My family moved alot so every place we moved to , every morning i get up go around my neighborhood and played my music. I am now 15 yrs old and ive been told that my dream is stupid that im doing things wrongs like jojo i try my best but with haterz  its hard so think about that! a-blank

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answered Jan 4 by It’sjojo! I’m stupid!!!
She DOES have a right to sing about whatever she wants. Although, I have to say, it seems like she genuinely embarrasses herself...
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answered Jan 4 by Ada4 (14,300 points)
I like her I was literally reading her “how to live a sweet life” book like 10 minutes ago. She isn’t rude and you know Jojo joins lots of websites I mean she is on every social media I have even PopJam and kid friendly things imagine if she went here and looked at your comments. She just wants to teach people how to have a good life that’s why her songs are “babyish” and it’s not her fault her voice is “annoying”, she “isn’t her age” because she’s trying to teach kids to..she’s like sorta a kid motivational speaker that’s why.
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answered Jan 4 by Izzy
She is ok. I mean she is nice but her voice is a little annoying!
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answered Nov 30, 2020 by anonymous
NO I  agree she thinks she is all that special and she is not for a 18 year old she acts like she is 10 and dressed like she is 5 i mean tea she has rights and everything but can she please act her age and let younger singers sing cheassy songs about hitop shoes,and candy
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answered Nov 30, 2020 by Just a random Biden fan...
I don't dislike her, there are a bunch of kids doing really bad things, and shes trying to bring happiness by spreading joy to little kids and letting them know theres good in the world. I mean- at least shes not like the “Cash me outside” girl.
commented Jan 4 by Ada4 (14,300 points)
Yes I agree
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answered Nov 10, 2020 by It'sjojosiwa
HOLD THE DRAMA!! lol i just found this website
commented Jan 10 by Ada4 (14,300 points)

Wait-are you actually Jojo? As in the real Jojo Siwa? 

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answered Oct 10, 2020 by Sialia
I can't stand her she is cheeky,rude and just huh

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