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asked Oct 9, 2020 in Manga/Anime/Cartoons by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)

Do y’all ever think of like “theme songs” for your favorite ships? People have said that they don’t and that’s weird to imagine for me cause I basically think i’m music and pictures, but anyways! Here are some ships and my favorite songs that describe them!

BTW, these aren’t in order of how much i like them, just when they come to mind haha also some of these are not official images, just fanarts I’ve found, all due credit to the respective artists!!!


1- TsukiYama-  A ship between Tsukishima Kei and Yamaguchi Tadashi from Haikyuu!! My song for them is Lemon Boy, by Cavetown. A line in it goes “it’s actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him”, and I think that describes them. Tsukki basically hates everyone, is really salty and mean, but him and Yams are always together and they do like each other, the author has actually confirmed it! Lemon Boy is actually my favorite song of all time because of all the little harmonies that make my brain go *woooosh* *serotonin* 

Kappen- the (of course) canon ship between Siren and Kappa of Castle Swimmer. There are so many sweet songs that could work for this, it was super hard to think of just one! I think, although i know this is an older song and I don’t listen to it that much anymore, Symphony by Clean Bandit is a good one, because Siren’s life was really monotone before Kappa came along, and then it was like he could suddenly see color.


KageHina- The ship between Kageyama Tobio and Hinata Shoyo of Haikyuu!! It’s super cute and the author hints at multiple times that it is canon with cute things they say to each other, them blushing and hiding behind each other. I have two favorite songs for this one, one from Hinata’s perspective and one from Kageyama’s. From Hinata, I’d pick Don’t Give Up On Me by Andy Gramner, because he would literally to ANYTHING just to be the last on the court. Their relationship is one of rival friends/enemies, so this song reminded me both of them loving each other, and Hinata never giving up, over exerting himself, and pushing to be the last on the court. From Kageyama’s perspective, I pick Like Me Better by Lauv. Kageyama knows Hinata is the blueberry to his pie, (i use this analogy because kageyama is blueberry boy) together they are easily some of the best volleyball players in Japan. But they need each other to fly.

DaiSuga- the ship between Daichi Sawamura and Sugawara Koushi of Haikyuu!! This ship has a mom/dad demographic, Daichi being the dad of the Karasuno team and Sugawara being the mom, and although it gives me all sorts of feels, I like Heather by Conan Grey for them because i have this head canon that they both like each other but they’re to embarraswd to tell each other so Daichi starts dating Michimiya Yui and Suga takes this as a sign that Daichi’s straight, it almost makes me cry tbh but i love it, but for a cute fluffy ship song I like Love Someone by Lucas Graham, because this is legitimate the cutest and fluffiest ship ever, like they LOVE each other and you CANNOT convince me otherwise

IwaOi- The ship between Iwazumi (Iwa-chan) and Oikawa Toorū of Haikyuu!! This isn’t my favorite ship ever, but it’s still pretty cute, so I had to mention it. They have the fighting couple demographic, they are constantly arguing but Iwa-chan always has to take care of Oikawa because despite Oikawa being the legitimate best player in the prefecture he is always getting sick or hurt, and Iwazumi has to take care of him. I’m gonna pick Make You Mine by PUBLIC for this one, cause Oikawa keeps trying to convince Iwa-chan that he likes him, it’s pretty funny.

KurooKen- the ship between Kuroo (I forget his other name) and Kenma Kozume of Haikyuu!! Now I’m not too sure about how I feel about these two, they haven’t gotten enough screen time in the episodes I’ve watched but from what I’ve seen Kuroo is always taking care of Kenma and calling him cute nicknames and Kenma is kind of ignorant on his game so he can’t really tell that he likes him. This song is from Kuroo’s perspective, but I pick Someone To You by BANNERS, it’s basically him longing for Kenma to like him back and in my head it’s really sweet >///<

Now, just to appease le KenHina shippers

KenHina- the ship between Kenma Kozume and Hinata Shoyo of Haikyuu!! This ship is honestly really cute and I’m kind of torn because I want KageHina but KenHina aaaaaaaa anyways they’re both smol and protectable and Hinata really helps Kenma get out of his shell and find a passion for the game of volleyball. I’d pick Brave by Sara Bareilles, it’s basically Hinata telling Kenma to speak up and be brave! It makes me *happy*

Now, I haven’t seen the episodes with Bokuto and Akaashi and Kuroo too much, so I couldn’t tell you how I feel about them yet, so I might make another post like this later. Also one with character theme songs, not just the ships. 


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answered Jan 25 by PrincessJelly (52,600 points)
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Hi! What anime's do you recommend watching, I want to be able to understand who these ppl are lmaoooooo XD

I have Netflix, Hulu, Prime video, Youtube, and Disney+ btw :)
commented Jan 25 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
Hm well this is Haikyuu, aka BEST ANIME EVER, first two seasons are on Netflix and 10/10 would reccomend. I also think you'd enjoy My Hero Academia or Given :D
commented Jan 25 by PrincessJelly (52,600 points)
Ok! Ty :)
commented Feb 2 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
no problemo my guy >:)
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answered Jan 25 by -GEMHeart- (289,660 points)
I think it’s  weird that I really don’t ship non-canon stuff (straight or slash- for obvious reasons lol) besides the cargo ship Drapple, which is just a huge joke to me but still I take seriously lol.


I’ll make a post on what I ship doe o.o
commented Feb 2 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)

I did indeedy like your ship post a lot snail

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answered Oct 10, 2020 by KAYDEN
commented Oct 11, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (122,200 points)
Bahah thanks Kayde!

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