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asked Oct 14, 2020 in Personal by $1000 dude
ok so im 10 but im very responsible for my age im in yr 6 and i walk to school on my own but i think its a bit unfair because most people my age at least have a tablet or their own tech well i have a family laptop that my sis hogs! also, tthere is an app called family link (if you know the app you willl know how annoying it is) so your parents manage your account and they can see EVERYTHING you do and search and you have to ask permission for everything - i sometimes want to research about, you know, puberty, and im just too embarrassed to ask permission about things like that and im nearly 11 and im not trying to show off but my parents say i act like a 13 yr old i am so responsible so why cant i have my own phone, or laptop, or ipad, or some freedom! i dont want to be offensive to my parenyts or anything but i need some freedom! what do u think i would like it if u told me about ur parent i can see how different they are (or similar) and tell me if u have ur own switch, or phone, or something!

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answered Dec 8, 2020 by Ella
??? Really!!! I have a tablet, computer , smart watch, an a music thing. I'm also getting a iPod soon!!!

My parents give me space. That don't check what I do. I'm also nine.
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answered Dec 7, 2020 by uuuuuuggghh
I hear you. I am 12 and dont have anything but a family iPad. I also dont get a phone until I am in High school. so, Ugh
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answered Oct 25, 2020 by #softballstar25
I'm 12, and I have a phone, a T.V in my room, a tablet, and my Chromebook. But, I had to show A LOT of responsibility and focus in school. I also have to be respectful and polite to others. I got my phone when I was 9 though.
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answered Oct 25, 2020 by Reap_soulz
My parents know everything I look up on Google

I have an iPad switch and kindle fire also a ps4

And I'm 9!
commented Oct 25, 2020 by Pumpkin (690,860 points)
Good for you
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answered Oct 18, 2020 by -GEMHeart- (290,180 points)
I didn’t have tech when I was 10 either, to Kit’s point. When I did get tech, a lot of things went downhill for me, but what you’re asking now for isn’t bad. I suggest getting a computer with parental restrictions of course, but they should let off you some. But also keep in mind that your parents know what’s best for you.
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answered Oct 15, 2020 by Pumpkin (690,860 points)
You should try to bring it up with your parents. Keep in mind, I didn't have any technology when I was 10.
commented Oct 25, 2020 by Reap_soulz
I have freaking loads

I'm 9
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answered Oct 14, 2020 by Rxiny (2,940 points)
Bring it up with your parents - tell them why you want more freedom. You could write a essay to your parents giving reasons and explanations why you think you need more freedom.


Hope this could help
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answered Oct 14, 2020 by Yayday
Let’s think about it did you ever have freedom will you get freedom can you get freedom?

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