Bound, but not Broken - Prologue

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/TW/ - anxiety, secrets

This is an AU, AKA Alternate Universe. I am in no way implying that the characters canonically are this way, and I do not own Haikyuu or the characters. Hope you enjoy!!

It was the middle of the first set. 17-15, with Seijoh in the lead.
Noya knew that sound. The labored, raspy breathing. The hand that curled his too-tight shirt against his chest. The memories came washing over him like a tidal wave, threatening to knock him down. His defensive stance wavered, if only for a second. He felt the anxiety, the pain. He remembered his secret, a flash of emptiness that he knew he’d never really forget. And that’s all it took for the ball to drop. He put on a brave face and yelled something about shaking it off to Tanaka, but truly he was lost in a fog. He couldn’t have what happened to him happen to Hinata.

I already have a bunch of chapters written, tell me what you think! Also, I need a title QAQ so if anyone has title ideas, I’m open!!

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