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asked 6 days ago in Artist Directories by cactuspot12 (1,820 points)

I just got ibis paint x on by ipad.

A couple problems:

1. I don’t have a stylus

2. I have no idea how to use it

If anyone has any advice on how to use it or any good videos to watch to see how to use it, I would greatly appreciate it

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answered 5 days ago by Lemony The Bean (112,600 points)

I used ibis with my finger for a while, it works just as well! There should be some tutorials you can find, but I’ll give you some tips!


Like, color on a lower layer than your library. It looks cleaner that way.


If you need to color a large area, the bucket tool is the place to be! Just make sure it’s fully closed off with no gaps.


When you go into the layer menu, there should be an option to make your layer a clipping layer. It basically means that anything you draw on it will only go over the previous layer. It’s great for highlights and shadows!


At the bottom, there are two sliders, one for brush size and one for opacity. Opacity is useful when you need shadows to not be so dark, or for highlights! 


Using all one brush gives your art a feeling of flatness. Try using different brushes for depth and texture!

That’s how i got from this

to this!

The second one is using a base that’s not my own, it’s just for a coloring example

commented 5 days ago by cactuspot12 (1,820 points)
This was very helpful/informative!!

Your coloring is great!

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