Have some free hysterical laughter

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asked Oct 16 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (113,090 points)
So, we all do stupid things, but I think I’ve reached my peak XD


So I was working on my English in a google doc, and I had my Haikyuu fanfiction opened up in a different tab, as you do.  I finished the questions, and copied what I THOUGHT was the link and Emailed it to my English teacher to grade it.

About 45 minutes later I get a Drive “Request Access” Email from my English teacher trying to get on my Haikyuu fanfiction...

I sent her a panicked Email that basically said “HAHEVKEVELSB DID I SEND YOU THE WRONG LINK??? I’M SO SORRY THIS IS EMBARRASING AAA” and panic cause I think she just read my fluffing trans Haikyuu AU

Me and my friends panic for the next 20 minutes wondering if she’s gonna appreciate my grammar or worry for my mental health after reading

My Outlook notification sound goes off and I get an Email from her saying she couldn’t open the doc but that she was laughing at my frantic email


Moral of the story- check your links before sending them and maybe don’t work on your mega gay trans Haikyuu AU at the same time as your English homework

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answered Oct 18 by jellyfishlover (37,520 points)
Omg lol! XD

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