To the hackers

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asked Oct 17 in Other by -GEMHeart- (283,710 points)

How many times do I have to say it? It’s not funny and if you’re doing it to get my attention, please stop. You can do that very easily by just writing “Hey Gem!” in the title, I always check those. Stop using my username.


For those who want to make sure it IS me, follow these rules:


  • I always post/comment logged in. If you cannot go to my profile by clicking the name, or see the PFP, you, my friend, have seen a hacker.
  • I never post/comment overly personal, inappropriate, rude, disgusting, or otherwise un-Gemlike content.
  • You should be able to tell it’s me by the tone of my writings. I am usually polite and nice to others.
To report a hacker, please do one or more of the following: 
  • If you have my hangouts or email, please tell me about this. Send me the link and I’ll do the rest.
  • Tell KidzSearch. They will sort it out very quickly. Use their contact form or post about the issue with a link.
  • Just try and get it to the attention of me or KS as quick as you can.
As of now, around 6 times people have used my user. It’s not funny, so STOP IT.
Let’s end with a poll shall we: WHY IS IT MOSTLY JUST ME BEING HACKED?!?!
KS JARGON: “hacked”- when one uses your username.

2 Answers

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answered Oct 18 by LunaLight (97,230 points)
I don't think I've had someone do that. I mean technically, anyone who doesn't put their name is Anonymous and I have an account named Anonymous so if you think about it-
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answered Oct 18 by kitten (639,330 points)
they're not "hackers"
commented Oct 18 by -GEMHeart- (283,710 points)
TRUE but what else we gonna call them?


Technically they are hackers. They took over my “identity”, and tricked people into thinking it was me. should have a right to call them that. They may not have broke into my account, but they did try to impersonate me.
commented Oct 19 by kitten (639,330 points)
They're not hackers!

It's called IMPERSONATING :)

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