._. I have a problem with another student, what can I do?

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asked Dec 3, 2015 in Personal by An annoyed student!
In science, I'm an A-100 student. (That's my grade for the year 100) well, I have to work with this girl, with a horrible grade, and she acts like she's smarter than ME! She tries to tell me what to do here's what'shappened so far:

Question: What are the 2types of anyimal adpations

Her: The real answer is sea turtle and dessert turtle

Me: 0_0... I think it's physical and Behavioral.... Not all animals are adapted to be a turtle...

I have to work on her with prodjects and she makes it impossible to get things done! I hate it! I don't want to ask the teacher "Can I move?" because she may give me lunch detention... I never talk in class, I never get in trouble but the girl is TROUBLE.
commented Nov 13, 2016 by happyL (450 points)
it is ok to feel llike that

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answered Jul 26, 2017 by fashiongirl
Hey, she seems to be confused and that is the reason she is being so.... I hate to say it... dumb. What I would do in this situation is....

1. Try and be the teacher to her in projects. Get her to understand the the project. Then, she will be more eager to learn.

2. Ignore her and try to work as much as you can.

3. Ask her about what she doesn't understand about what you are trying to to your project.  

                       If none of these work, give up.
commented Jul 28, 2017 by anonymous
No, do not give up.
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answered Jul 26, 2017 by mathgirl22
you should tell the student to please work with ill do anything
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answered Jul 26, 2017 by anonymous
Sometimes girls can be stupid, prove that you are way smarter.
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answered Apr 10, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (118,590 points)
Everybody is smart in their own way. It is not good that this girl is acting like she's smarter than you but it is also not good for you to say your smarter than her.
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answered Dec 22, 2015 by anonymous
Go to it has a spot where you can look at things to help you with school and friends
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answered Dec 21, 2015 by THE LIBRERIAN

This also happens to me but don't worry. 

My mom said if your partner wants you to write down their answer DON'T do your own thing!

I hope this helps you! smiley

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answered Dec 9, 2015 by Toonz (560 points)

I personally am one of those unfortunate people that have to deal with know-it-alls and some of my closest friends aren't so nice to other people. But I've come to one conclusion in my life: all people have a good side. I believe if you will treat you nicely and get her on your side, she will treat you well in return, and you just might make a friend.


-Best of luck

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answered Dec 4, 2015 by orangestfedora (3,230 points)

Tell your parents. See if your parents can arrange a conference with your teacher. Have your parents express their concerns and yours. smiley I've been in the same situation!

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answered Dec 4, 2015 by JuicyGossipGirl

Hey it's ok that girl may be a negative but your a positive and opposites attract smiley so you think your smarter eh? Well maybe you can comfort   her and maybe she will understand! I know I'm not the best at this but that seems like the best answer! 




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