Bound, but Not Broken - Chapter 4

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asked Oct 20, 2020 in Fiction by Lemony The Bean (122,450 points)

Sorry, this one’s a little bit short heh

/TW/- pain, sadness

The whistle blew, and just like that, it was time to practice hitting. Hitting made Hinata feel so powerful, so free- for the 20 minutes they practiced Hinata radiated pure joy because he truly felt like he could fly. Hold onto this feeling, Shoyo,​ he thought to himself. ​You’ll need it later. They practiced sets and serves, and Hinata’s least favorite- dives. His chest throbbed more with each hit. He thought he could see Nishinoya looking at him sort of intensely, and he wondered for a second, but

 pushed it away. Right as he may have reached his breaking point, practice was over, and after a short motivational speech, Daichi treated the first years to meat buns. Hinata smiled genuinely for one of the first times that day, and basked in the warmth of the setting sun. As it peeked over the mountains, he realized it was probably time to go, thanked Dachi with a bow, and set off on his bike.
He collapsed onto his chair in his room, and slowly made his way to the bathroom where he unwound the bandages and showered in the dark, just like any other day. He finished writing the last kanji on his Modern Japanese homework, and laid down on his side, hugging an orange pillow, as he always did. He texted Kenma an overexcited goodnight, and waited for him to respond with the usual, “night, ,Sho.” He stared at the wall, recalling the day’s events. H​ opefully, tomorrow will be better, h​ e thought fervently, as a cold tear slipped down his cheek. ​I just need a change.

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