Boo Bags (Halloween story and activity to try-only for daring and SUPER FUN!)

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asked Oct 20, 2020 in How-To by Funnyqween

Have you ever heard of a Boo Bag? Anyway here’s what they are you fill a bag with candy (most times the typical obnoxious mom will by babyish bags that say “boo not boo-boo” or something cheesy like that) then on a dark night you dress up in ALL black and you drive to your friends houses and you ring there door bell and RUN! Anyway try it but first in the day go for a stroll in there neighborhood (look typical) and check to see if you can find a good hiding spot, if they have a ring door bell (or any other recording doorbell) and if they have tons of windows. This will help you be prepared (REMEMBER: LOOK LIKE YOU ARE JUST GOING FOR A STROLL!) Then when the night comes wear ALL black and maybe a dads or moms black baseball hat to disguise yourself. If they catch you yell “Happy Halloween!” As loud as you can! It sounds really funny/weird but it works! 

story of my boo! (Gone SOOOOOOO WRONG)

It was a dark night, (ok not really but I just had to add that) I was delivering a boo bag to one of my friends I knew they opened doors fast and they had like 10 people in there house. They were always known to catch everyone who booed you and where NEVER caught booing others. I snuck up literally the mom was RIGHT there almost about ready to look at us. So I ran up. Then I heard violin music (Her sister played) I guess I thought it was being played outside even though it was really inside (well I didn’t know... Don’t laugh). I saw someone staring at me I thought “OH NO!” It’s her sister! “This is SOOOOOO awkward” I thought so I sat it down and ran. Then in the dark I fell I REALLY hurt my knee. I got in the car and my parents drove away with me REALLY mad. The worst part? They had a Ring doorbell! They caught me falling ON CAMARA! How embarrassing!

story #2 SUPER FUNNY!

We did it for another friend who had never done these (or heard of them) before. We drove up the girl spotted us. She must have thought we were robbers or something because she looked then she closed her window so we couldn’t see her (we did before) she ran to get her mom who had no idea it was us so the mom was looking SUPER cautious at our car my dad brought a light and shined it not at them but so they could see it. Then they really thought we were burglars (Thanks a lot dad) we ran up before they saw us put the bag down and ran (you aren’t supposed to be caught booing) then we ran away. Then my mom texted “You have been Booed!

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