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asked Oct 21 in Personal by GymnasticsGirl11 (530 points) 1 flag
OMG IM PREGNANT WITH A BABY GIRL!!! I’m 15 y.o. and I got pregnant with my dear boyfriend. We both live in New York (oh yeah!). My due date is April 22, 2021. I hope that COVID will be gone by then...! Anyways, I have a couple problems.

 1) how do I tell my parents?

2) how do I tell my boyfriend?

3) what are some good girl names? I’m thinking about Hailey, Tara, Aisha, Nala, Isabella, Amelia, Camila, Luna and Eva. My top three of those 10 are Camila, Luna and Nala but I’ll have to ask my boyfriend first.
commented Oct 23 by anonymous
I've always loved the name izzy pick a good name! btw ur so young
commented Oct 26 by Izabela
Hi! I am very happy for you!! Also 15 is very young to have a baby. No hard feelings though! I hope everything goes well.
commented Nov 19 by Izzy
Hey thanks anonymous!!
commented Nov 19 by Izabela
I love the name Charli and Bianca!
commented Nov 20 by Bugaboo
Pleas name her after me Lailuh
commented Nov 20 by Bugaboo

Wait you 15 and pregnant that doesn’t seem true Am i right y’all 

commented Nov 21 by Ammy-k (29,960 points)
Bugaboo, it is possible.

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answered 1 day ago by Maya


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answered Nov 22 by Virgo ♍ (240 points)
Wait... If this is actually true, you need to tell someone about the abuse. 15 years old is really young, so I hope that everything goes well. You really need to tell someone that he threatened you. I'm really sorry if this is true, but this seems highly unlikely and it's in the internet so ...

I like the names Charli and Savannah. Stay safe and I wish you the best!
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answered Nov 21 by Ammy-k (29,960 points)

I hope everything goes well!

I like the names Hailey & Amelia, but in the end the choice is up to you and your family.

You should definitely tell your parents as soon as possible.

Once you are old enough, it might be a good idea to marry your boyfriend so your child can have a better childhood, but don't do that if you don't get along well. That could lead to lots of issues later on.

For everyone else, this does NOT mean that it is a good idea to get pregnant at a young age.

Again, I hope that you and your daughter will be healthy!
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answered Nov 20 by NATHAN (64,690 points)
That can really affect you and your life it can affect your relationships and your education can be affected
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answered Nov 20 by NATHAN (64,690 points)
Have fun getting suspended or expelled in school what if your boy friend breaks up with you what you gonna do with the baby? You prob gonna be having health problems for the the rest of your life
commented Nov 20 by LunaLight (99,190 points)
I feel like the school wouldn't be able to do anything about that unless it somehow affected her or other people's education.
commented Nov 21 by Ammy-k (29,960 points)
Are you encouraging her to abort her baby?

Of course she made bad life choices, but she is going to try to take care of her child responsibly, so we shouldn't be rude!
commented 6 days ago by NATHAN (64,690 points)
No why would I do that
commented 6 days ago by LunaLight (99,190 points)

As long as she can psychically, financially, and emotionally support the kid, I'd say she could do whatever, however, if not, I would actually support abortion or giving the kid up for adoption.

commented 4 days ago by WelshTerriersss (19,930 points)
Yeah please don’t encourage her to murder her own daughter.
commented 4 days ago by LunaLight (99,190 points)
I get that people have different views on abortion, that's fine. Personally, if the parents are unfit to be parents, whether that be for any reason, they shouldn't have the child, or they should give them up for adoption, but even adoption can leave the kid with the feeling that they are unwanted later in life. That's the only main reason I would support that, yeah it is murder but well...
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answered Oct 25 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
15 is really young and it’s probably not good that you’re pregnant; I’m against pre-martial relations and having a kid outside of wedlock Can lead to all sorts of problems, but it’s your body and that’s what you did. Anyway, on a happier note, I like the names Hailey, Isabella, and Eva. I’m 16 and couldn’t imagine getting pregnant, for one I’m not interested in having kids.


Hope everything goes smoothly in your pregnancy, :)
commented Oct 25 by Sophia

Um ok... 2 tell the truth... I made up Daniel. Also I’m actually not Sophia I can’t give away my real name I’d get murdered. Keep reading. It was actually abuse. He said that if I told anyone he’d kill me but I couldn’t help it. Sorry! Pls don’t hate me I’m sad 

commented Oct 26 by Rachel
Omg that’s so sad
commented Oct 27 by Sophia
Sry pls don’t hate me it wasn’t my fault
commented Oct 28 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
Um okay. I have no idea if I should believe you or not (it is the Internet) but if it is true, I’m very sorry. This you SHOULD tell your parents about, they won’t be mad because it’s not your fault. You need to tell someone.
commented Oct 28 by Tippy Dippy
Are you actually pregnant then? And is Daniel real?!
commented Oct 28 by Sophia
Ok, thanks Gemheart. I really want to tell them but I’m kinda scared. What if they are mad at me? I’ll try.

Thanks again
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answered Oct 24 by Una
Hi there!

I’m sooo happy for you!

Don’t be nervous, it’s okay just say it and if they’re mad at first realise they won’t be mad forever.

And your boyfriend will probably be extremely happy he’ll be a father!

Good luck
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answered Oct 24 by anonymous
I think Ellie is a cute name
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answered Oct 23 by Fav Girl
OMG!!! So happy for you!!!
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answered Oct 23 by kitten (644,280 points)
Woah, 15 is really, really young. I wish you good luck with that. Persevere to give your child the best life they can have :)

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