what is the defintion of energy and how can it convert to matter and how is it not being destroyed

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asked Dec 6, 2015 in Science by anonymous
observable evidence please

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answered Dec 6, 2015 by zippy (21,810 points)
Energy is the ability to do work. There are two kinds: Potential and Kinetic. Potential Energy can do work when something happens, like when you push a rock off table. Kinetic Energy is the work that happens when something is already moving. Work is defined as moving something that has mass, so if you push a pencil that is work. The Energy is what allowed you to move the pencil. That energy came from the food you ate.

Einstein's theory states that matter can be converted to energy and energy can be converted into matter. We have created matter in labs from energy to prove this concept. All the matter in the universe is believed to have been created by this process too, known as the "Big Bang."

Nothing is destroyed in the process, since you are just changing the energy into matter by rearranging things.
commented Nov 28, 2016 by L (74,960 points)

I thought the BIG BANG  was just a time when it was too hot for anybody to go outside.

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