RocketAlein’s art contest !

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asked Nov 1, 2020 in Writing Contests by RocketAlein


Hi everyone! I know I said I would do this Monday but I have time now, and I’m sure you guys can’t wait! First of all I want everyone to know there art was gorgeous and very nice. It was very hard for me to decide the winner(s) 


Again Great work to everyone! I have 2 winners for you, 

#1. Babbyboo- I loved the lights on in her house and the little details are VERY impressive! Like the spider and the cat. Great work!

#2. Una- I love the sunset and the bats the spooky tree and that big full moon! (Yesterday’s full moon was beautiful!) 

what’s next?

I’m thinking about this November doing another poetry contest! Would any of you be interested? For that I was thinking about a co-judge too! Let me know if any of those sound fun to you! I will also continue updates! 

wrap up

I think it’s almost time for us to wrap up our contest but before we do so, LET’S HAVE A PARTY! Okay, so in the comments put a party emoji (Think that’s what they’re called on KS...) hai

We are inviting everyone to this party! Nice work everyone! 

Thank you all so much for participating it really means a lot to me! 


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