I'm Jane. I will stop.

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asked Nov 3, 2020 in KidzNet by Jane


*Read until the end. I'm not lying. I WILL stop.*


I'm sorry everyone. I have just been reading all of the comments I got and I feel really... What's the word...ah yes... ANNOYED. only because I thought this was the kind of thing that people wanted to see. I realise now that no one wants to know any of my personal information. So I'm sorry. I will not be writing anymore posts with personal information and joking. I will try to read and respond to all the answers and comments I get on this.

I won't be doing this again.

I may post something sometimes but it won't be rude, offensive or have any of my personal information.

I'm sorry again.

Thanks for reading all of this. 


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answered Nov 10, 2020 by Ammy-k (30,460 points)
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If this is actually Jane, then that is a very mature response to criticism!
commented Nov 11, 2020 by Jane
Thanks Ammy-k
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answered 4 days ago by Barbie fan201
Yeah i think that jane should be given one last chance by Ks (Kidzseach  she has really changed )so put here back on kidztalk (Un banded).
commented 3 days ago by kidzsearch (145,820 points)
We never banned her and would welcome her back.
commented 3 days ago by Barbie fan201
Ok   thanks ks(Kidzseach also could you please  put Sam and cat videos on Kidztube.
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answered Dec 28, 2020 by #softballstar25
Jane, yes. You have had a couple... well a lot of mess ups on here. But you don't have to stop posting in order to make us forgive you. See, I personally just thought that you just needed and wanted some people to laugh at your jokes and feel that you are funny and also a nice friend. But sometimes, you went a bit overboard and said some things that you maybe shouldn't have. But that's ok. You said sorry, and so I think that you also need an apology from us, for being rude and disrespectful to you when we didn't have to. So what do you say guys? Care to join me? For starters, I'm sorry, Jane.
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answered Dec 28, 2020 by magicharrypottergal (8,510 points)
Don't go and also u have made a GREAT GREAT GREAT! Choice(maybe I shouldn't have squeaked up)
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answered Nov 4, 2020 by SnickerDoodles
Hey Jane, don't leave. We're sorry if we offended you. It's just some of the stuff you posted was too personal. Perhaps you could talk more of hobbies or something like that. I hope you better yourself, and don't leave.
commented Nov 5, 2020 by Jane
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answered Nov 3, 2020 by You are not jane
You are not Jane
commented Nov 3, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (118,100 points)
How do you know that?
commented Nov 3, 2020 by anonymous
yea ikr
commented Nov 3, 2020 by You are not Jane
1) Jane doesn’t write like that. Believe me, I’ve seen her posts.

2) We’ve told Jane to stop before, and she didn’t listen then, so why would she stop now?
commented Nov 4, 2020 by Yayday
Ya she left already and she didn’t write like that.
commented Nov 5, 2020 by Jane
I'm Jane. I am writing better than normal because I want you guys to notice that I will change and write like this from now on.
commented Nov 6, 2020 by Yayday
Then why did you not stop before?p.s stop saying I am Jane
commented Nov 6, 2020 by Jane
Because I had a long thought over all the comments and because I posted so many questions, it took a while to read them all.

I'm Jane
commented Nov 10, 2020 by anonymous
stop bieng rude everyone. you are making yourself look bad
commented Nov 10, 2020 by Yayday
Jane how did you not stop before and apologize now it’s just too late
commented Dec 17, 2020 by LoonyLovegood (530 points)
Are you still going to post ‘Jane’
commented Dec 28, 2020 by #softballstar25
But what if she HAS changed? And it IS her? Because like Lemony said, you guys don't know that. You don't behave any REAL proof.
commented Dec 29, 2020 by pumpkin (669,280 points)
kidzsearch could check the ip addresses, and if they match, it's the real jane. But that is n invasion of privacy so I doubt they will do that.
commented 3 days ago by Cowboy Guy
OH MY GODS PEOPLE! Seriously! Just Chill! Even if it isn't "Jane," who gives a care? Just stop arguing over it like a dumb Nesara follower with a Russian hacker!
commented 2 days ago by pumpkin (669,280 points)
This argument ended a month ago, we were all doing fine until YOU re-started the argument. You should chill

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