Oi, it’s been a hot minute

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asked Nov 7, 2020 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (121,300 points)

Heya y’all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, my mental health is kinda all over the place atm and I’m back in in-person school which means less time for my phone, not to mention horse riding lessons twice a week and homework over the weekend. The next chapter of BbNB should be out today aswell, I hope all of y’all have been doing well! I’ve been putting a lot of time into improving my artstyle and digital art skills, and I think it’s finally paying off! I’m also almost done with the second season of Haikyuu!! ^^’ School has been kinda tough, with kids being weird as usual, having my friend group half it’s normal size cause people either left the school or drifted away, and being weirdly anxious when I’m not around my friends, but honestly i’m crazy glad to be in-person. Music has become my escape, whether i feel anxious, hyper, it doesn’t matter, music helps a lot. I almost had an anxiety attack during science, because well first of all it was really loud and everyone was talking and I already had that sort of “anxiety pit” in my stomach that day, but then this kid got pen ink in his mouth and went to rinse it out and when he came back he said he v*ed and that was really triggering... but I’ve learned that “playing” the song Lemon Boy in my head with my eyes closed really helps. I also have developed sort of weird habits like tapping my head 25 times, scratching my arm 25 times (regrettably, it hurts sometimes) or touching my thumb and pointer finger together 25 times, basically doing things in groups of 25. Also Kayde, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for playing Lemon Boy for me the other day, you helped me avoid another anxiety attack :3

If anyone enjoys music for calming, here’s my sort of list of “grounding” songs.

Lemon Boy, by Cavetown (THE FLUFFING BEST SONG)

Heather by Conan Gray (Or anything on the downtempo side by him)

Grow As We Go by Ben Platt

IDK You Yet by Alexander 23

Fool by Cavetown

Have It All by Jason Mraz

Love Someone by Lukas Graham

I’m So Tired (repetitiveness is really good for just focusing on sound patterns)

We’re Going To Be Friends (Either version, Jack White or Jack Johnson)

Now this next one might be debatable cause it’s more up tempo but i enjoy it for grounding for some reason

Crush Culture by Conan Gray

And finally, a recent sketch I plan to digitalize!



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