Write a sort paragraph about your favorite game :)

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asked Dec 13, 2015 in Non-Fiction by THE LIBRARIAN

Have fun and be yourself! Write a paragraph or more about a sport, board game, or anything fun you like to do! 


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answered Dec 14, 2015 by orangestfedora (3,180 points)
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My favorite game is coup. It is a card game, and it takes place kinda in a war world or resistance world. There is Duke, which can get 3 coins like a tax, a Captain who can steal other players coins, a Assasinite who can make other players reveal one of their cards, a Contessa which blocks a assain, and a Ambassador who can change their cards.
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answered Sep 10, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (117,260 points)
My favorite game is soccer or football in Europe, and since it is a very common game I do not feel a need to write an entire paragraph
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answered Aug 5, 2016 by FrizzyFriday
Okay, My aunt and uncle have two dogs and I can kind off talk to them..... Well what I do is I get their attention then get them to sit, once they sit I then say 'sausage' and they say 'woofwage' and it sounds like sausage, I'm not sure if there talented and should win Briyainsglt talent or I should... Either way we would need to use each other so we'd both get 10 mins of fame!


My next paragraph is about my favourite game, which is MSP(Movie Star Planet) it is a game were You can communicate without meeting the person in real life also you can customize and be yourself and let your inner you run out of you with their arms wide open!!!
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answered Aug 2, 2016 by FancyRatLover/ChristianGirl
I love to write and be with animals. If I didn't do either of those at least seven times a day I'd go mad!

With my writing my family says I am extremely talented. My stories I post aren't even reaching their full potential, and I plan on making one that does soon.

With animals I am also gifted. I can read animal body language as if I was making it and I like to daily check ups on my dog Lola.
commented Aug 2, 2016 by rae (87,620 points)
Cool! I can speak wolf/dog body language as well! I'm on the market for a new writing partner, so maybe we could write a story together! Of course, it's your call. (I'm a Christian girl too!)
commented Aug 2, 2016 by GemHeart
Sure Rae! Let's do it!

P.S. I changed my name to GemHeart but I am still FancyRatLover/ChristianGirl!

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