A Horror Story With No Title

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Enjoy! Hopefully, KS doesn't disapprove this for gore.

One sad day, a young girl named Angela Morgan went missing from a small town called Santa Willos. She went missing for many days, going on into weeks, then months, and so on. After several years, the girl was declared legally dead. Her parents, Julia and Thomas Morgan, had a funeral for her on a cold winter morning. Most of their friends and family had been invited. Her parents and the rest of the crowd cried and said their goodbyes. 

Later on the day of the funeral, her parents were home and the guests had all left. Her parents were in their living room, drinking hot coffee, and staring at the fireplace. They were having a small conversation while in the comfort of the warm house.

“It’s such a cold day outside, I wish the weather could have been warmer if we had to be outside all morning,” Julia, the mother, complained. 

To which, Thomas, the father, replied, “True, true, but at least it is warm in here, my dear”.

Julia found her gaze going around the room and landing on the window. There was nothing overly special out the window, some snow, leafless trees, some bushes, and some grass poking through the sheet of white. But I suppose, if you knew what lay under the grass and snow, you might think differently. Soon, Thomas found his gaze set in a similar direction.

“Do you think they will ever find out?” Julia queried. 

Thomas furrowed his brow. “No. We’re her parents, who would think we were the ones who killed her?”

Julia sighed. “I suppose you’re right.”

Just as she spoke her phone rang with an unknown number. She figured it was a spam call and ignored it. The number called again. This time she picked up the phone and put it on speaker. 

“Hello, who is this?” Julia asked the unknown caller.

“Oh sorry, I forgot you didn’t have my number yet,” a voice answered. The voice was female, about early to mid-twenties. It sounded in the background like she was driving.

“Who is this?” Julia persisted.

“Oh! Sorry, probably should have mentioned that. It’s your daughter, Angela,” said the voice.

Julia’s eyes widened and looked at her husband, who was staring at the phone in disbelief with his eyes wide and jaw dropped. There was silence for a couple of seconds.

“Mom, are you still there?” Angela asked.

“Angela, but y-you’re dead!” Julia exclaimed.

Angela laughed a little. “I know I haven’t visited for a while but I’m hardly dead, mom. Anyway, I am driving over. I figured I would stop by for a bit since as I said, it’s been a while.”

Thomas reached for the phone and Julia gave it to him.

Thomas was not convinced that this was Angela, figured it must be a prank caller.

“Who are you? Are you those trouble-making kids down the street?” Thomas asked the woman on the other end.

“Dad, we just went over this, it’s me, Angela.” The voice insisted. “Anyway, I have to go now, I’ll see you when I get there okay bye” she rushed at the end before hanging up.

A good ten minutes went by of Julia and Thomas staring at the phone. It was Julia who broke the silence.

“I-it can’t be, r-right?” 

Thomas did not answer, as he did not know. 

“Well, it’s probably fake, so let’s just go to bed, it’s been a long day,” Julia said as she took the phone and went upstairs to their bedroom. Thomas hesitated but followed her.

An hour passed and the two were almost asleep until they heard a car pull into their driveway. After that, they heard the front door open and shut. 

“Mom? Dad? Where are you?” a child’s voice called. Thomas and Julia recognized immediately, for that child’s voice had haunted their dreams for years and years.

The sound of footsteps could be heard through the halls. Eventually, the footsteps started coming up the stairs.





Julia and Thomas hurried to hide in their closet, then they hid further behind some clothes.




The footsteps neared the room as the door slowly creaked open. More footsteps walking around the room.

“Mom? Dad? Where are you, where did you go?” the child Angela’s voice repeated.

The footsteps left the room and left the door open, then they went down the stairs to look elsewhere.

Julia and Thomas sighed a breath they hadn’t realized they were holding. They exited the closet and went outside into the hall. 

“What do we do!? Should we call the cops?” Julia whisper-yelled whilst freaking out.

Thomas nodded and went to grab the phone from the bedroom. He returned and had 911 dialed. The phone was ringing, he gave it to Julia. Julia held it up to her ear. The phone stopped ringing. It didn’t have a message or a busy signal, it just stopped ringing. The phone was silent except for white noise. Then, a voice came through the phone, muffled, but the one repetitive word was clear: “Why?”

The sound started getting louder as if it was getting closer. Julia hung up but the sound did not stop. Scared, she threw the phone to the ground and it shattered. Then they realized:

The sound wasn’t coming from the phone, it was coming from behind them.

They turned around slowly and carefully. Before them, they saw her. Their child, or her corpse, with a bullet hole in the middle of her forehead. Bloody tears were coming from her eyes, and her hands were covered with the very same dark crimson substance. In one hand, she held a gun down at her side. It was the very same gun that killed her, it was buried with her body to hide evidence.

Her voice was unsteady and slightly raspy as if she had just woken from a very, very long nap. With that voice, she asked, "Why? Why would you do this? To your own daughter? Why?" The gun shook in her hand, and she started to raise it, ever so slowly.  

Julia and Thomas were terrified and speechless. But yet, Julia tried to explain, "A-an-gela, w-we're s-so, so, s-sorry. W-we didn't m-mean to, Right Tom?" Julia looked up at her husband with pleading eyes, as Thomas looked back at her with scared ones. 

"Y-yes, my dear," Thomas said.

"J-just put d-down the g-gun sweety, p-please," Julia begged their undead daughter. 

Angela only rose the gun higher, towards both of them. The gun had previously been shaking, but it was steady now, as Angela said, in a low, dark voice filled with hatred, "No. You liars". 

Julia and Thomas had killed their daughter, solely for the attention it got them. Angela had been a sweet girl, innocent, she didn't deserve such a thing, especially for such a dumb, stupid reason. And standing directly in front of the criminal couple, was the personification of karma. Moreover, karma worked as it always does, it turned the events around, so that the guilty pay for what they've done. And that night, in that house, in that hall, the guilty did pay, with their lives.



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answered Nov 17, 2020 by asdffaawedf
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Continue! I just found this and OH MY GOD ITS SOOOO GOOD! you are so talented, you should be a writer! Please write other stories! this is soo amazing and I think that you did soo good that I need moreee! I'll be waiting ;)
commented Nov 18, 2020 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
This story is kinda finished however I do have more! I have another horror one (kinda a cliffhanger tho). Other than that, I have stories here on KT! Rise of the Wolves, Astell, and The Story of Emily Grace are all written by me, however, Astell is discontinued. Rise of the Wolves is ongoing, even though I don't update often. And The Story of Emily Grace is finished, however, I'm writing a sequel here called The Vlogs of Emily Grace.
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answered Feb 5 by PrincessJelly (54,020 points)
commented Feb 5 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
:) Thank you! I will always write. I'm in the process of creating a long story right now actually! It's gonna be a mental horror one.
commented Feb 5 by PrincessJelly (54,020 points)
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answered Feb 5 by I love Cole Sprouse
Well done. I write horror storys too. Good job. Keep up the good work.
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answered Nov 11, 2020 by harrypotterlover123

u should continuemeowla


commented Nov 11, 2020 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
I'll continue writing horror stories, however, this one is kinda done.

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