New story! Is it “in”anymore? Chapter one

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asked Nov 12, 2020 in Books by RocketAlein

Hi guys! I’m back with a new story. My goal is to have about 6 chapters 1 each week. Okay, let’s begin! I want to be clear that this was all made up by my imagination and that this stuff may not be true in real life.

As I was wondering the long hall of my new school, west wood school I felt alone worried and excited at the same time. Soon I met a nice girl named Marry Ann. We talked about my life in China. Our rice, school, and other things too. Marry Ann told me about Washington the state she and now I was living in. She told me about the new kind of tree. It was called an e-evergreen tree. It is very tricky for me to say. My father had taught me English however I hadn’t been very fluent yet. Marry Ann also talked about little toys and games in America. I was shocked! I felt my heart beating hard and my legs felt shaky. In China I was a popular girl. I was always trendy and cool. Now though, I hadn’t had any of those cute little American toys that were in. I was thinking, at home that I would be SO in style at America but now there was no way that would happen. I’m pretty sure Mary Ann could tell because she quickly changed the subject and said “Hey, want to come get ice cream with me?” Of course I did but I had to ask dad. I told her that and she told me that after school she would call our apartment number and ask if I could go a after I asked dad of course. As I drifted off to sleep my mind was on something other then falling asleep. It was on what was “in” at this new school. Was I speaking good enough English? Do the teachers like me? Ugh! My mind was swirling with thoughts and things I should be doing, like sports, music, and things I wanted to do like swimming, tennis and people who I felt pressured it impress. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks chapter of Is it “in”?. 

I’ll write next week with more updates and starting on Monday you will be able to ask questions like “What is “narrator’s” name?” Or “what is her favorite color?” These will all help shape the story and help me decide who she is as well as help shape the story!



commented Nov 13, 2020 by Dog kid
Cute it looks fantastic I like the girl marry Ann she seemed nice!
commented Nov 14, 2020 by RocketAlein
Yeah, I’m with ya sis!

PS if you didn’t know Dogkid is my sister.

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