Girls only please (10 and up) Yep, I’m talking about bodies!!!

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Boys please leave now. You’ll be happy later! 



K now that weirdo boys are gone, I have a few questions.

So I haven’t had my period yet but I’m getting you know Breasts I’m pretty self conscious about it and I want to know more info about what kind of bra to get, and all. My mom offered today to get my first bra for me and I said okay but what should I think?

What you need to know

* I’m 9 years old (young to get breasts)

*My twin hasn’t started getting them yet

* I don’t want people to know I’m wearing a bra

* Yes, I’ve tried girls websites, they only stress me out more

What website should I try? Have advice?

commented Nov 20, 2020 by g0ldensk1es

You seem quite mature for a 9 year old (by the way you type here). You should know that it's okay to get them "this early". It's a sign of puberty and your period might be nearing. I don't mean this year or the next, (but if it does happen, it's okay). I was quite self-concious too. I got my period when I was 10, but of course I didn't tell anybody (other than my mom). I'm not quite sure which website you should go to. Maybe try kids health. That's one I've used before and really like. Hopefully you do find a website that doesn't stress you out! 

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answered Jan 7 by anonymous
Hi i am a boy
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Get out, buster. You are invading privacy here.
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No .
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answered Jan 7 by Vivi

I started wearing bras at 8 I know how it feels after a couple of weeks you’ll get use to it don’t stress k.emoticon-00100-smile 

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answered Dec 20, 2020 by -GEMHeart- (290,270 points)
I’m 16, so I can help you so more haha


1. I don’t remember when I got mine, but pretty early.

2. That’s fine, my younger sister got them before me :)

3. Just wear training bras or sports bras. You can get one that matches your skin tone so it doesn’t show through a pale shirt.

4. I suggest kidshealth or American Girl. :’)


Your breasts will grow at different rates and be tender, so be gentle. Don’t hit them or anything (if playing sports just wear a thicker padded bra, for more support and less hurt lol). As you get older they will feel heavier but you’ll get used to them :)
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answered Dec 20, 2020 by anonymous
hehehehe I'm 7 years old so 3 more years until I'm 10 but I am a girl, now what were we talking about again???
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answered Nov 20, 2020 by Bugaboo
I’m only nine and I don’t have them .
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answered Nov 13, 2020 by LunaLight (123,450 points)
Trainers first. Personally, I wear sports bras.
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answered Nov 13, 2020 by PrincessJelly (52,680 points)
1. I also got them at nine!

2. First of all, cool that u have a twin! Second, not everyone gets them at the same time, even siblings.

3. Nobody will know unless u tell them!

4. Do some research! Use whatever site u feel comfortable with.
commented Nov 13, 2020 by A living girl
commented Nov 14, 2020 by PrincessJelly (52,680 points)
No problem! If u have any other questions abt puberty and stuff, feel free to ask me. I got my  period in October, so I prob won’t be able to completely know those questions since I’m on my second currently, but I will try my best to answer them. :) (I’m 11)

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